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Pro Carry II Jams

I took the advice some of you guys offered on my new Kimber jamming. Thanks all. Originally the jams occured on every round of Blazer and occasionally (about every 10 rounds) with Fiocchi. American Eagle seemed to work best.

here's what I did so far: 1) Locked the slide open for about a week 2) Exercised the slide 3) Tried other ammo 4) Tried new magazine.

Today regular Winchester and Fiocchi were fine but Blazer still jammed at about the same rate. The range would only sell i box of 50 (American Eagle) per customer (which I'm holding in reserve) so I was stuck with whatever I had hanging around. Changing the mag didn't make any difference but working the spring seemed to make a big improvement. (Will I ever be able to use Blazer? It's about all there is out there!) How long is this ammo shortage going to last?
One additional thing I noticed was that the ramp seemed to get dirtier (fouled?)
faster than my other guns. The ramp seems to be well machined and shiny.

Fortunately, my H&K 9mm (my carry) will shoot anything on the market so I'm not totally lost although the Kimber shoots great with an excellent trigger I'm a bit disappointed overall. All the ammo was 115gr, I'm not going to use my 125 defense rounds just to loosen up the slide!

Ah me...............
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have you taken the gun apart cleaned and oiled as in the owners manual ? keep your kimber clean . a little oil goes a long way. my only suggestion.

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When I had issues with my Pro Carry 2, I replaced the spring with a Wolff XP & all has been fine ever since. I forget the part#, but you can buy them for about $8 at Brownells or straight from Wolff.
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Keep this thread up

I also have a new Kimber Ultra Covert II with jamming problems. Have tried keeping magazines loaded to loosen springs. Hasn't helped a bit. I clean it each time I use it. Have not tried leaving slide open but will. Been using Remington ammo, also American Eagle. (Next time I shoot will do comparison between the two.) Interested in the Blazer question because I have 500 rounds. I have been wondering if the .45 is just too much gun for me although have not had any problem with .40's.
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I doubt the .45 is too much for you. Contact CS at Kimber and see what they say. May be nothing serious at all. Probably a minor fix. Good Luck
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Thanks for reply. Also going to try tapping ammo to front instead of back as suggested in another thread to see if that helps. Ammo just doesn't want to go into place. One round comes up then stops at angle. Next round on the follower is about 1/8" forward making it impossible to release mag without pushing the round back. (Don't like to stick my fingers in there so have to carry a small dowel rod.) Also might try a Wilson mag as suggested by someone else but Kimber mags shouldn't malfunction.
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