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Looking at used Ultra CDP ll

Hello, new member here. A local private party is selling the above gun for under $700 in very good shape. He only bought it used in June. I've handled it but not shot it nor spoke to the owner. His neighbor brought it to my club.
If feels like a crisp 3.5# trigger to me, as I've had a lot of trigger time with the 4# trigger on my colt 1911. If so, this seems very light for a carry gun. I will have some questions for the owner if I consider the purchase.
My main concern is the reliability and function. I've web-researched a lot of guns prior to purchase. This gun seems to generate an above average amount of online complaints for functional problems feeding and ejecting, compared to other guns I've looked at. If this is so, is it something more related to the earlier production? The serial number is ku853xx.
Thank you for any input. I did a forum search here and did not turn up anything seemingly relevant.
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I think that's a good price for a CDP is great shape. I don't own one so I won't comment. I do know it has some great features for a carry gun.
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That seems like a good price. I have that model in both 45 acp and 9mm. They are great guns. Most complaints are when new. They are built to tight tolerances, and have to break in. This means the metal surfaces on the slide have to rub together. Once this is done, most are great with the exception of a extractor adjustment. Go ahead and go for it.
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Pittpa, take the internet complaints with a grain of salt.

I own a CDP Ultra, first Kimber I ever purchased. It has been 100% reliable since I took it from the box. It is my EDC, approaching 1000 rounds downrange, including some Speer Bonded 185gr +P hollow points. Gets fired everytime I visit the range. We can't tell from the serial number when your CDP was built. If you call Kimber customer service and give them the serial number they can tell you the month and year built.

Depending on condition more than fair price. Probably worse that can be wrong may need some new recoil springs and maybe extractor adjustment. It has carry melt and other good features.
Makes a fine CC pistol.

OH almost forgot...Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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I have an Ultra CDP in my collection along with other Ultra models. All the Kimber Ultra's are basically the same, for the most part the difference is cosmetic. Checkering, night sights, ambidextrous safeties etc. All of my Ultra's have been trouble free from day one and while the triggers all feel lighter they measure around 4 1/2 lbs. The price is right, if the gun shoots well, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.
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That would be a good price for the Ultra-few years ago I sold the same model for$850.00 used-wished I would have kept it.I now carry a Ultra Carry II 2 tone and won't be selling this one that's for sure.When I first started shooting the Ulta's I had feeding and extraction problems also that I could have blamed the gun-but alas I think it was my weak kneed grip.I have no problems now.Mine has been as reliable as any other pistol.
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I have an Ultra CDP II, and it's run flawlessly and has been a joy to shoot. When new, there was a slightest little bump in the trigger pull, problably not noticeable to the casual shooter. I'm being finicky, though. It's diminished to where I can barely feel it, and the gun still has fewer than 500 rounds through it. Even though it's not seen a lot of action, there's nothing to make me believe that it won't continue running fine. And even though it's short and light, it's still more fun to shoot than my full-size 1911's.
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