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Rimfire: magazines

Good morning guys,

Has anyone ever tried non-Kimber magazines for their rimfire conversions?
I want extra magazines but for me it's virtually impossible to get extra Kimber mags in the Netherlands.
Has anyone ever tried magazines from other 1911 clones in their Kimber rimfire pistol?
Thanks in advance, guys.
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I had to go check mine, I couldn't remember what they were and I'm sorry to say they are all Kimbers so that's no help.
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Good question. Looking forward to replies.
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GSG/Sig 1911-22 mags work great and are better. They do lock the slide back when empty which some say is bad to prevent damage to the notch in the aluminum slide but I havent seen any early signs of it with several thousands of rounds. You can prevent it by taking a dremel to the GSG mag if you want to.

There are also extended floor plates for the GSG mags as well different followers that up the capacity to 14 rounds.
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Thanks for the tip, Mike.
A buddy of mine is in the process of buying a GSG so I'll go ahead and 'borrow' his mag for a bit...
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