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Kimber Warranty

I have wanted a Kimber 1911 for a long time but... the one year warranty has held me back. A salesperson says that is not the case but it is clearly stated on the site and in the handbook. Has anyone had warranty work done past 1 year?
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My understanding was 1 year....but I don't know of anyone who might have had warranty work done past that.
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I know their warranty states it's for one year but no matter how old the gun is they seem to take care of any issues if the gun wasn't modified. Some members have sent their newly purchased used guns back to Kimber and they have fixed them free of charge. I sent my Eclipse Pro II to them after a year and they made the repair and also installed new night sights for free. I didn't have any issues with the sights and didn't ask them to replace them. If you want a Kimber 1911 then buy one and don't worry about them fixing your gun if a problem occurs, they will fix your problem.
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First, welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois. Next, your question, and yes, it is 1 year. Having said that, and as JC45 points out, Kimber goes out of their way to make sure their customers are satisfied. The stories of them actually doing work you didn't send it in for (replacing sights) happens more than you might think. I would also say, don't worry about repairs, the BS about Kimbers failing "all the time" is false. My house has many Kimber's and not one has gone back for service.
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Welcome to the forum from GA. I say go for it! I've read on here once or twice from people who bought a used Kimber and had to send it in to Yonkers and Kimber took care of it for them.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. Several members here have sent in pistols way past warranty time and Kimber has went above and beyond to repair. I wouldn't let that hold me back.
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Mine was a jam-o-matic when I got it. Sent it back, they honed and polished the chamber and even installed the mepro night sight for free. Only charge was just foir the night sights. That cured my jam problems as long as I use aluminum cased ammo. I'm very happy with the work they did when I returned it.

If only they weren't in the God awful state of New York. How a gun manufacturer can stay in such a gun hating state I do not understand.
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Cool Go For It!!

Have no fears of needing warranty work after 1 year. I have never heard of Kimber charging for warranty work if the pistol has not been modified. That must for their legal benefit: return all firearms with only Kimber manufactured parts. They will return the after market parts, but they will charge to replace them with equivalent Kimber parts. Word to the wise, if you modify, keep the original parts and switch back to originals if you need to ship your firearm back to Kimber.

By all means, purchase the Kimber of your dreams. Fear not about warranty stuff. Kimber Customer Service will take care of you!!
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I sent mine back after three years and about 8K rounds. They diagnosed the problem, replaced the frame and returned the gun. As I had additional problems with the weapon, they took it back two times to address the issues.

There are those who would complain that the problem was there in the first place but I am very pleased that they covered everything on a three year old, well used weapon.

They even sent prepaid shipping labels!

My experience is that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Kimber support.

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Thanks for all the replies. I guess a new Raptor Pro II is in my near future.
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