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Considering a Super Carry Ultra HD

Considering a Super Carry Ultra HD.

Have absolutely NO experience with a handgun in that barrel length.

Guidance please.
I absolutely love my Super Carry Pros HDs', and don't mind the weight.

But questions on my mind are things like:
1) Accuracy compare to the pro models?
2) Recoil management in 45 cal.
3) Reliability.
4) Would a different caliber or model be more desirable in a 3 inched handgun. Have considered even going a 9mm or .380 in that small of a handgun.

Salespeople will tell you anything.

I value opinions here.

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I've got 2 pro size and 1 ultra size Kimber and to be honest they're about equal in accuracy for me.

Recoil is manageable I have no trouble going through 200 rounds at a time with the Ultra.

Reliability....... they're Kimbers what more could you want .

I shoot handguns in .22, .380, .38 spl, .357 mag, 9mm, .45, .41 mag, .44 mag and .357 Herrett. Recoil is different to different people, only you know what you're comfortable with. I'd guess that if you don't have a problem with a 4" .45 a 3" .45 isn't going to bother you.
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GiGi has the UC2 TLE and it is different to shoot at first than either of my PC2 4in.
It does have more of a kick than my PC2 45 but it is very manageable to shoot..
We have always shot FM,Magtech and Fiocchi ammo out of it and tried some SD ammo in it recently and boy did that stuff pop a bit more..
The poa is a bit different fro 10-15 yards but from 7-10 it's right on the money. The 3in barrel is made for up front and personal encounters..IMO
You can't go wrong with the Ultra at all and the SCUHD is a bad arse looking Kimber..
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My Super Carry Ultra HD is the nicest, most reliable, accurate pistol I own (out to 10 yards)

It is my every day carry gun.

Recoil is easily managed (.45)

If you like the Pro HDs you will also love the Ultra HD.
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You will have no problem adjusting. I have multiple pro length and was recently allowed to run 1 (and just 1) mag through my wife's ultra. It was nice handling gun.

Enjoy, and post pic's and first impressions when you pick it up.

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My main carry gun for the last 5 years, until last fall, has been a Ultra Covert. I sometimes used my CDP Compact also. I'm now using a Master Carry Pro. My son has a range on his little horse farm, so they all get shot often. I can shoot my 3" Ultra as well as either of the 4" models. Recoil may be slightly more noticeable, but not at all objectionable to me. I have had the Covert since January 2010 and cannot recall ever having any reliability issues. I do replace the recoil springs every 2 years, buts that's only since I don't keep a shot count on the guns, and want to continue with the 100 % reliability I have experienced to date. The most noticeable difference is the shorter grip, but I have no issue with that. FWIW - I only got the Master Carry Pro because the wife happened to see it in the LGS and thought it was pretty, who am I to question logic like that!
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Thank you all for your responses.
I really VALUE your opinions!!!
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If you get a 4" barrel look into the Wilson combat recoil kit. If it fits your gun you will eliminate the special tool and get a more robust spring. You can also field strip the gun without any tools.
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My only 1911 is an ultra and put about 1300+ rounds thru it. I absolutely love carrying and shooting it
Wanted to add this is my thread to my ultra ownership and thought it might help you in terms of whether you should purchase an ultra or pro.

I am interested in a Super Carry HD serious ( full size or pro) because it is like the only contender to the Ed brown cobra carry in its price range with all the features. can't wait for tax return


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I carry the Super Ultra Carry HD and it is an awesome work of art. It's an all steel frame so it carries a little heavier than the lightweights, but I imagine that helps absorb any additional back talk from a 3" barrel. Of course, all of my 1911s are either 3" or 3.5" barrels so I can't really attest to that theory. It just kinda makes sense to me.

One complaint I have seen others have is the finish on the slide. After just the first box of ammo at the range, the black finish had a slight chipping around the ejection port. I consider this a sign that I have become proficient with it through extensive practice but people get angry that a $1200 Kimber can't maintain its finish after just one trip to the range. Saw one guy send his back and get it refinished only to have it happen again next time out! He sold the gun he was so mad. Here is a picture of mine after probably a couple thousand rounds....barely noticeable to me but to the purist it's unacceptable!

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