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First Range day New Ultra Compact 9mm

I just love the looks of this gun. The Micro 9 CDP looks exactly the same. After reading earlier reports I was a little worried. I went to my LGS and got two more mags and another brand of ammo and headed to the range.

I started with 50 Winchester NATO 124 FMJ and had zero malfunctions. I then loaded up 20 rds of PMC 124 Starfire JHP and had zero problems. So I then loaded up and shot 50 rds of 115 Federal FMJ. Feeling good about this I then loaded up and shot 20 Federal 124 HST JHP and again, zero malfunctions. Then I loaded up 20 SIG ARMS 115 JHP, and they performed perfect.Finally, I shot 20 Federal 150 HST JHP and am happy to report, ZERO malfunctions. So, I am pleased that I shot 180 rds of mixed weight, JHP and FMJ with very good results. I did notice the spent shells were not flying out to the right, but mostly lazily coming straight toward me landing on my forearm mostly.

I shot all rounds from about 21 feet. I put the gun through rapid and slow fire, one handed drills, strong and weak side, tried a couple gangsta style (lol). The gun did very well. It is very accurate! Nice gun. Next time I will shoot for accuracy and post pics.
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That's a darn good range report...looks like you got a good one! Like your test procedure, too.
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So nice to put that many rounds down range on your first outing and not have any failures! Happy for you. We should all have this as a first outing experience no matter what we are shooting.
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Thanks for detailed report RM. I knew that you would enjoy shooting that new shooter.
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Man that's Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fantastic! Sounds like a great way to spend some time. I'm with Star - we should all have this report regardless of the gun. Looking forward to seeing your target photos after your next outing.
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Thanks ya'll,it was fun shooting the gun. I am going to do the extractor test to see if there needs to be adjustment made, but all in all, very pleased. This is a very TIGHT 1911. I had a 1998 Pro Elite Kimber that was also very tight. That is one I wished I had back by the way. I have been reducing my firearms with the purpose of getting down to a couple that will get used regularly. The Ultra was one I had been seeking and I am very glad to have gotten a good one. DGM, hope you get your issues resolved!
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The gray frames on these are pretty nice.
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Originally Posted by azguy1911 View Post
The gray frames on these are pretty nice.
I noticed that, too.

Very nice.
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Sounds like you have got a keeper there! Always a good day at the range when you have zero malfunctions. As far as ejection patterns go sounds like the extractor may need a slight adjustment. Good looking CDP micro 9!
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