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A Morning at Rick's "Range"

With a newly acquired Kimber in hand, this time a new-to-me Ultra CDPII 9mm from azguy1911 (thanks John), I headed out to the desert outback to put a few mags through her.

Being a lifelong 1911 .45 kind of guy, this whole 9mm thing is new to me. For years I poo-poo'd the nine as being not so effective in social situations (have a medical examiner friend), so always favored the .45, as I've seen it's effects first hand in a land far, far away. But the new 9mm defensive ammo has changed my mind.

Anyway, I was more than pleased to have a stable-mate to my Ultra CDPII .45, and was not disappointed in her performance either. After 100 rounds of R-P 115gr FMJ, and a few mags of 124gr Hydra-Shock without any failures of any kind, I feel she's worthy of carry now.

First off, verify the sights shot to POA.....they did indeed:

Then a few more offhand at 10 yards to see if I was on my game. I had direct sunlight on the sights, so shifted my position twice. It can be clearly seen on the target. Light DOES matter!

Then it was drill time on combat silhouettes.....one of my favorite pistol games. Informal fun, and best with two shooters with a set of targets for each shooter. By myself, it's fun to ramp up the speed and see if any "bad guys" escape getting shot (safety glasses a must here!):

Great fun with "bang - clang!" at every shot (hopefully ). I made these back in the early 80's, and have only repaired a couple in all that time. T1 steel or AR plate was the way to go; they have really held up well.

Tailgate clutter we all can enjoy. High marks to the Wilson Combat 8-round ETM 9mm mags too. I'll be ordering more of these babies:

As always, my two hound pups Ruby and Lily went with me for a romp in the outback. The new Kimber did not seem to impress them at all though. (Ruby is now 1 yr, and Lily is 6 months old.....full-on romp buddies.)

So now I'll attest to the myth that Kimbers do indeed breed in the safe when left without any adult supervision. Who'd of thunk my Ultra .45 would spawn a 9mm clone? And another reliable Kimber for carry too. Can a fellow really have too many?

Just wanted to share a nice fall morning in the Oregon outback with my forum friends.
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Great range report. I love Lily and Ruby.

Have you met Kracker, he turned 3 this past 4th of July weighs 43 pounds. He is in my lap as I type.
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Nice shooting and and nice report Rick! I can testify to the breeding thing they are like rabbits. I went from owning one to owning six I believe is the last count.
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Looks like a good day. Although, the dogs look unimpressed!
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Nice report Rick. I enjoy both my 9mm 1911ís and my next purchase maybe one with a 4Ē barrel. I donít have one of those yet.
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Good shooting Rick, that'll work
I'm a 1911 addict -- GI CCO 9mm, WC Sentinel Compact 9mm, WC ULCC 9mm, WC Professional 38 super, WC Stealth 38 super, WC Bobtail Professional 9mm, DW CCO 38 super, DW CBOB 38 super, Kimber Ultra Aegis 9mm and a little Sig P938
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Thanks you guys.

2sharp2: Yep, I sure do remember Kracker. How could anyone forget a face like that? If he's in your lap as you typed, it speaks volumes of how his life must be. Lucky dog indeed, and the way it should be, right?

swca: Six huh? Same here....it's pure madness I tell you!

slanted: You're right, the only thing that impresses a hound dog is something to eat. That just about qualifies everything.

JC45: I was originally going for a 4" 9mm Commander size Kimber, got a Pro CDP .45 and Ultra .45, but loving the Ultra size pistols and already having a VM2 for my Ultra .45, I was swayed after fondling the nine at my LGS and then when azguy flaunted that CDPII for sale, it was a done deal. And they shoot better than "everyone" said they would too. I'm feelin' the love for this little pistol.

azguy1911: Yup, it'll work just fine. It's easy to see why the 9mm 1911 is getting so popular, and this is coming from a long time 45acp lover. Nice pistol at a fair price; thanks buddy.
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Nice report and great shooting.
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What a great range day Rick. I was always a 1911 can only be had in .45 sort of guy myself until I started digging into the 9 mm ammo out now. Started looking for an ultra and just about made a Nigerian a rich Man.
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Great range report and shooting Rick, love the hounds.
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