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Stainless Raptor II Range Report as Requested

Thursday, I had 3 Wilson Combat ETM mags show up in the mail. And today, my holster that I ordered on ebay showed up. I only had to work until 10:00 this morning. So afterward, I decided to go to the range.

I took 50 rounds of PMC 230 grain, and purchased 50 rounds of Federal RTP 230 grain at the range. The first target is the PMC ammo; the second target is the Federal ammo; and the third picture is the holster I just got.

I didn't have any issues with the OEM Kimber magazine. However, each of the Wilson Combat mags failed to chamber the first round the first and second times I used them when I used the slide release. I would have to slingslot the slide to get them to chamber. By the time I got to the Federal ammo, they would chamber the first round just fine. Not sure if it was the mags needing to be broken in, if the mags weren't seating just right at first, or if it was the PMC ammo not cooperating with the WC mags.

Through those 100 rounds, there were 0 FTE, and 0 FTF. The trigger was sweetest trigger I've ever shot (But then again, all my other guns are striker fired or revolvers. So of course, the 1911's trigger is going to be better). As you can see, my groups were fairly tight. Any fliers were my fault, anticipating recoil.

As for the holster, I don't really have any plans on using this firearm as an EDC gun...I have a XD 45 for that. I chose this holster because I wanted an all leather, Western-style holster to wear it in. And since it was bought on ebay, I knew I would get it in short order. I couldn't say that about my second choice, the El Paso Saddlery Sky Six.
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Nice range report and that holster makes for a great looking BBQ rig. New guns are usually a little tight, until it gets broken in I'd suggest you slingshot it instead of using the slide stop to release the slide. That little bit of extra tension you apply to the recoil spring will help it over come the tightness of the gun.
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Great looking holster. Who makes it, and what did it cost you?
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very good shooting!! excellent choice in the Raptor! looks great in that holster!! thanks for sharing!!
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Nice Carolina, nice!!!
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Very nice. Congratulations.
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Congrats! Not a bad looking holster at all, I like it.
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Originally Posted by montanaResident View Post
Great looking holster. Who makes it, and what did it cost you?

I'm not sure who made it, but here's the seller's page:

holsters5102 | eBay

It cost $65.00
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Wink Hey Thanks!!!

Thanks for a great range report! Nice shooting by the way. You are almost as good as me!!! Just Kidding!!

I like the holster, too. Like Chuck said, you have the makings of a real barbecue rig there!!! If you were givin' it away, I wouldn't turn you down!!!

Enjoy your Raptor, keep shootin' and be safe!!

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Congratulations and very nice looking set up you have there.
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