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Ultra CDP II Range Report

Two trips to the range using 230 gr/FMJ, original Kimber magazine and a Chip McCormick magazine, each loaded with 5 rounds at a time. First trip I used Remington UMC and Aguila; 2 of first 4 Rem UMC had FTE's. I switched to Aguila and had flawless performance with 35 rounds.
Second trip was today and I used Federal American Eagle, Tula (regular steel case), Tula Brass Maxx, PMC Bronze, and I tried Rem UMC again. 9 FTE's out of 46 rounds, 5 of those again with UMC. It didn't matter which magazine I used; but I did have flawless performance with PMC Bronze ammo.
Since it was a used gun (1 year old), I don't know how many rounds the original owner put through it; maybe it's still in its "break-in" period. However, it looks like it definitely doesn't like Remington UMC. Could it be a sporadic casing expansion problem with "junk" ammo or an extractor problem with the gun? Thanks for any suggestions.
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I am sure others will help more than me. Fact is a one year old pistol "could" have a butt load of rounds fired thru it. Which would make one think the springs could need to be replaced but I don't think that is your problem. (I have been wrong before)
My suggestion would be get a lot more of the ammo that you have not had any failures with and shoot it a lot more. Then go from there.
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Some guns can be just plain stubborn as all get out. I have an old Pro TLE II with over 16,000 rounds through it that will flawlessly spit out thousands of consecutive rounds until you insert one PMC round into it. Then as if by magic it turns from a swan into an ugly duckling, my answer was to not shoot PMC ammo through it.
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Wink My 2 Cents Worth!!

I had a similar problem with my Pro Carry II. To cure it's ails, first I checked out the video:
Check your extractor and adjust as needed. It's free and easy to do. Another suggestion would be to give up using Tula ammo. At best, it is junk and absolutely filthy. It is a Communist Conspiracy to disable American firearms!!! IMHO I'm just sayin'...........!!!! TETO!!!!

Let us know how the extractor check/adjustment works out for you!!! Enjoy you shooting and be safe!!!
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So.......how do you adjust the ejector

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois jobobarton.

Extractor Tuning Tips

By Bill Wilson

A well fit extractor is essential to the reliability of any M-1911 pistol. The following guidelines apply to fitting a new extractor, or properly tuning the one you have in your gun.

1. Correct Tension

With the slide taken off the frame and with the barrel removed, slip the rim of a LOADED cartridge under the extractor hook and position it so that the extractor is gripping the case at the center line, as shown in fig 1a and 1b. You should now be able to lightly shake the slide in any direction, without the cartridge falling off. If this test is unsuccessful, you will need to adjust the tension. For tension adjustment, place aprox. 1/2" of the tip of the extractor into the extractor channel and apply just enough pressure to slightly bend the extractor. Be careful, a little goes a long way! See figure 1c.
Do not put more tension than needed to perform this simple test - too much tension will result in feeding malfunctions whereas too little tension can cause failure to extract and/or erratic ejection.

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