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Help! 8 round Wilson Combat 47D not able to go in all the way all of a sudden.


I have the Pro Crimson Carry II and my Wilson Combat 47D magazines loaded with 8 rounds used fit into it fine, until I retrieved my gun from a gun smith this week who installed Meprolight night sights onto it. Now, my factory 7-round magazine is fine, but my 8-round Wilson Combat magazines will not go in all the way. If I take a round out of them, leaving them with only 7 rounds in the magazine, then they (Wilson Combat 47D's) will go in all the way and lock into place.

I have field stripped the gun and while it is disassembled I can put the fully loaded 8-round clip into the handle and it locks into place. But when reassembled, the 8-round Wilson Combat is not able to go into the handle and lock into place.

I don't know what is wrong now.

Any suggestions, please?


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C'mon guys,

21+ views and nobody leaves even a comment? There must be some reason why an 8-round clip won't lock into the handle with 8 rounds in it. Is it possible the gun smith did something, perhaps, when he cleaned it after firing a few rounds through it, which might account for why the magazine loaded will not push up all the way and lock into the handle?

I guess I'll be making a return trip to see him.
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So it turned out that the ammo needed to be tapped tightly into the backside of the clip, removing any protrudence at all. Then the magazine snapped into place okay. This had to be done on all of the 8-round magazines.

Reiterating - the rim of the round is now flush against the backside of the clip.

Some older man once told me that if rounds don't load properly into the chamber, tapping the magazine in the opposite manner so that the rounds are forward in the clip, protruding a little bit from the nose of the clip, helps the round to load easier into the chamber alleviating rounds that jam. Well, I won't have that option available to me on these 8-round magazines.

= = = = = = = = =
Not really solved

See next post

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Went to the gun smith today who told me that these Wilson Combat 47d magazines, really should be used as 7-round magazines just like the original Kimber clip, unless one is shooting competition. In competition, you end up feeding the 8 rounds of the clip into an open slide so the 8 rounds feed with no problem. He also said that there is no compression left when "forcing" 8 rounds into the clip. He showed me that what is called an 8-round clip, is in fact really a 7-round clip.

I said, "What then is this extension"? He showed me that the extension, or bumper guard of the Wilson Combat 47d, really is not an extension. It is the same size as the Kimber 7-round magazine. You can actually put 8 rounds into the Kimber magazine or the 47d, but they will behave the same, and have the same issue as these Wilson Combat magazines when loaded with 8 rounds - they do not want to snap into place within the handle, which is not recommended. "The springs will go to hell," he told me.

So I then saw that the original Kimber and the Wilson Combat 47d are in fact the same size. Both of them may seem to hold 8 rounds, but should be used in everyday life as 7-round magazines.

If you are not going to immediately load one of the 8 into the chamber, it is not recommended to have 8 rounds in the clip.

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Hello Freedom1...This is my first post on the site. ...Your post was very good and worthy of some responses. I have and still own several different semi-auto's including a couple of Kimbers which I've recently added to the list. I've heard the question about leaving a "full" mag in any semi-auto and if it affected the spring tension after a period of time and would also like some actual test feedback concerning the subject. Personally, I leave my carry gun as well as my "by the bed night-time gun" fully loaded all the time. I do however, empty the mags periodically just to verify things are in order. I question the memory possibility of some springs. I wonder what response we would get from Wilson Combat or Nighthawk Custom? Think I'll give them a call.
One other comment, I prefer the Wilson Combat mags over the Kimber, I have had the Kimbers jam slightly and for that reason, I'll not carry them again except for target use. I never had a problem with a Wilson mag.

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I had the same issues when all was new. The Wilson's are fine now after some use but the kimber pro tac issue never went away. I agree that the mags may perform better with only 7 rounds. But only movement will wear out the springs. You can keep mags loaded forever and it won't effect the springs. Using them continuously will. Like bending any piece of metal back and forth till it breaks.
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FWIW... I had trouble with Wilson's 10mm for my Custom TLE II. Ended up getting some Chip McCormick Shooting Star's and they've been perfect. Hard to find, but I found a site with a stash recently.
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I also use w/combat mags in pro carry II and find they work best when loaded to 7 rounds. If you do 8 chamber it right away or you may have trouble with function of the weapon when you need it
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I don't buy what your smith says. The Wilson 47D mag is the same body whether 7 or 8 rounder. They come with a variety of optional thickness base pads for those running magwells or wanting steel over polymer. The difference in capacity is done by using a convex follower on the 7 and concave for the 8. I have run these mags for over 30 years when the designer Rogers name was still on them. I still have my original ones that still get use and have never replaced a spring.

I refuse to use any mag that has the Devel style follower like Kimbers 8 rounders. Too many bad experiences by me others I have trained and work with. mcCormicks newer power mags are supposed to be better with that same Devel concept and a couple friends use them but why would I change from the Wilson follower after all this time?

I did buy some Wilson ETMs which have a longer body to make more room for compression of 8 rounds and a longer spring and they work fine. Same 8 round follower as the 47. Without a magguide they protrude somewhat and will not flush fit. But I find after awhile they rattle with 8 rounds in them and have to be rapped to settle them. At work noise discipline is an issue to me. The 47s never do such a thing.

The Metalform elites are also very good true 8 rounders with the best follower. We used to be able to by just the metal follower for cheap and would put them in other mags to prevent any nose diving of the round.

The 47 series mags have ruled competition for decades for single stack folks. If the issues listed existed they would have died out years ago.
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What's not to buy? The magazines, both the original Kimber and the Wilson Combat 47d, when loaded with 8 rounds, do not fit into the handle of the gun without a lot of force. That's reality.

Repeating: The gun smith advised not loading the magazines with 8 rounds for the reason already stated. Also, forcing 8 rounds into the gun which is resisting, makes you think that what you are attempting is going to damage something in the gun.

What is your advice now?

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