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question on Kimber ultra 2 raptor 9mm

Just bought a new in case Kimber ultra carry 2 raptor 9mm last week. I finally got the chance to shoot it today. I ran 14 rounds through the gun of those 14 rounds 8 or 10 of the rounds where hiccups. The spent shell is hanging up in the ejector. Is this something I need to return the gun to Kimber or should I shoot more rounds through it to if it relieves it self any. Not sure what the answer is maybe contact Kimber customer service.

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Clean ... lube ... shoot,shoot,shoot...repeat. Then if it still acts up call Kimber.

Autos often take a little breaking in.
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Originally Posted by PaulWVa View Post
Clean ... lube ... shoot,shoot,shoot...repeat. Then if it still acts up call Kimber.

Autos often take a little breaking in.
What Paul said and then some
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I'm guessing that you failed to clean and lube the gun before making your first range visit. That is one of the most common causes of the problem your experienced. No harm done, read your manual, clean and lube the gun and give it another try.
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I agree with Chuck and others, clean, I will say extra lube.

Using NATO and or 115gr low quality ammo.

Have you tried new/different magazines?

Checked extractor tension?
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Clean, lube, run wet, at least 300 rds. of 147 gr. FMJ.

It may help to cycle the slide on an empty weapon 200-300 times b/4 the next range visit. Kimbers are notorious for tight tolerances.
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Cleaning and liberal lubrication are the way to go with a new semi auto. When you have the barrel out try dropping some of the ammo in the chamber to see if they seat all the way to make sure the are not slightly oversized. I was having similar issues and found many did not chamber all the way.
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Old 05-12-2018, 09:45 PM   #8
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Look at my post regarding my ultra two tone. It took over 500 rounds before it ran flawlessly. If you don't want to waste ammo take the recoil spring out and hand cycle the slide a couple of hundred times. Worked for me.
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i currently own 3 Kimbers... i haven't had a single problem with any of them... and i bought 2 of them off the internet and only had pics to go by. i know you tend to read the bad stuff here... but that's only because the bad stuff is talked about FAR more than the good. and besides... you can go to ANY manufacturer's area here in the forum and read negative things... i was just reading some negativity about an Ed Brown just yesterday. those things just happen. but if you keep looking beyond the complaints in the Kimber forum... you'll see that many problems have been addressed by Kimber... so what more could you ask for?
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Plus, Kimber's customer service is outstanding
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