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Recoil question

Hi everyone. I'm a new member here and need some info. I am on the verge of buying a Pro Carry II. If anyone has the aluminum frame Pro Carry and a steel frame 1911, how would you describe the difference in recoil between the two? I like to practice with what I carry and would like to enjoy shooting it. Your thoughts?
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I have a couple full size 1911's in steel, and a Kimber Ultra in aluminum. Honestly, before I got the Ultra, I suspected it might be a little unruly because of its size. However, it is much more pleasant than the "traditional" 1911's.

I've never before pondered on it, but maybe it's because of the shape of the beavertail, safety, recoil spring... I don't know. But there is more to the equation than mere mass.

So I wouldn't give a moment's worry regarding the shootability of the Pro-sized Kimber.
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I have an Ultra Carry II with aluminum frame and a Stainless Pro TLE/RL II with a stainless frame and rail (my first real 1911 purchase). Through research before buying my first 1911, I had determined that the extra weight was probably a good thing.

However, after buying the Ultra Carry II,,,, I feel the same way as Rusty. I love both guns but actually prefer shooting the Ultra. My next purchase will probably be a Pro Carry II or CDP in 9mm because of the lighter weight aluminum frame.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois jmwyro. How about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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I've wondered about this myself. I have a UC2, and I wonder about recoil and additional eye problems.

Then I figured it this way. If I kill all the jihadists or bangers, and I'm still alive with a drop of blood in my eye, my Gurkha doctor can fix it again anyway.

But I like the UC2, and I'm hoping to replace it with a 9x19mm version, or perhaps Yonkers can make me a 9x19mm slide conversion kit to match the one I have for the .22LR I bought.

If it ever stops raining in my area, I might even get a chance to go outside. I'm figuring late October or early November...

Edit: I'm more dangerous with a knife, anyway. Three years of training, and sadly my fencing coach, former Judge Archie Simonson died this week.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. I don’t think you’ll regret buying a Pro with an aluminum frame.
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I have the Pro Carry II and TLE. Both shoot so well. Recoil, it feels more like a push than recoil. I carry the aluminum frame due to weight. Both shoot really well.

Welcome from Houston

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Originally Posted by jmwyro View Post
Hi everyone. I'm a new member here and need some info. I am on the verge of buying a Pro Carry II. If anyone has the aluminum frame Pro Carry and a steel frame 1911, how would you describe the difference in recoil between the two? I like to practice with what I carry and would like to enjoy shooting it. Your thoughts?
Jmwyro, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Buy the Pro Carry!

I have any combo of frames and pistols you would care to compare. Classic Pro, Master Carry Pro, SIS Pro, Colt 70 Series Government, Stainless Raptor Custom, Gold Combat LE. IMO the difference in felt recoil can't really be described because it is not enough to tell/feel a difference. If someone is "recoil sensitive" the only combo where you might "feel/notice" a difference of a little more recoil is between a full size steel frame 1911 and any of the aluminum frame Ultra size Kimber models. None of my Ultra's are hard to control unless you are shooting something like Speer 185gr bonded hollow points +P...those are a hand full.

I have an old all steel, old school Detonics Combat Master 45acp that has always been recoil excessive and hard to control on follow-up shots.

I don't think recoil will be a problem with any "Pro" size model Kimber.
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I have the Tactical Custom HD II (steel frame) and the Tactical Pro II (aluminum frame), neither is still offered for sale, and both 45 ACP. I honestly can't tell the recoil difference.

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Jmwyro, as others have said, no appreciable difference. We have Ultra’s, Pro’s and full-size and shoot them all comfortably. Also mentioned above, the round you chose matters. Pick your metal of choice, frame-size and associated ‘bling’ and shoot the heck out of it (clean and oil first)
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