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Some more feedback on my 10mm Target II

Been very busy getting acclimated to my new 10mm taking every opportunity to get to my gun club and shoot, it's getting colder and less daylight so trying to solidify a good load and bullet combo to load over the winter. My most positive takeaway is the advantage of the 6" bbl's longer sight radius. I have extremely poor eyes so I need all the help I can get. I comparatively tested both my Kimber 10mm, and my Springfield RO 1911 in 9mm side by side and I definitely seemed to have a small accuracy gain with the 10mm on paper. The downside is it takes me just a bit longer for target acquisition with the 10mm vs my 9mm. The advantage of the 10mm when hitting steel is it's energy advantage. No matter where I hit the steel in terms of shot placement the targets fall (or flip in the case of the dualing tree). With my 9mm it takes a more precise hit out near the edge on the dualing tree paddles to get them to full flip to the opposite side. You really notice the weight difference when shooting both quickly. It's more work quickly transitioning the Kimber vs the 9mm. You wouldn't think 1" of extra barrel length would make a difference but it does. I'm not going to be speedy mc-speedster with the Kimber, but that's no concern. I'm very happy at the slower controlled precision i'm getting. I'll just save the speed for my SA 9mm 1911. Looks like my most consistent groups are from 9.2g of 800X with the Armscor 180 fmj rnfp. I have some AA#9 on order as i'm not really liking the 800X it's not a very metering friendly powder and inconsistient load data is an issue.
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Thanks for the report.
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I really enjoy my Target II 10mm. Amazed at the accuracy even out to 50 yards!
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I don't think it's the barrel length, but the rifling.

The barrel is cut with rifling called "R" rifling, invented by Boots Oberineyer. The first inch or two has shallow rifling, which becomes traditional rifling towards the crown.

I also had a Colt Delta Elite. A bullet that hit a golf ball at 80 yards with the Bren Ten was lucky to make hardball groups at 25 yards with the Delta Elite.

It took me a while to make the cast bullets for the Colt.
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