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Stainless Target II 9mm slide release not working

I had my Stainless Target II 9mm at the range recently relighting it after changing the rear sight element. Part way through the session the slide locked back on an empty magazine.

As I wanted to patch out the target and adjust the sights I depressed the slide release with he magazine still inserted but it would not move. Removing the magazine the slide release still would not work and I had to pul back on the slide to release it.

For the rest of the session I had to pull back on the slide to release it, both on an empty magazine and after locking the slide back manually to check the chamber was empty.

Before I pull the pistol down and start tinkering with it is there anything I should be looking for?
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Hey Kiwi, No expert here... but I do own the same gun. You don't say how old or how many rounds it's had. I rarely "drop" the slide manually with the release. Not I think it's bad to do it's just not something I do. But after reading your post I got my T2 out and tried a few drops with and without mags. It is much harder to release with the mag in place but I couldn't get anything like you're describing.

My first move would be to field strip it and check the release and slide for any burrs, machine marks or just rough places that can be polished out … (I love polishing parts). If nothing jumps out to you … 1) see your friendly neighborhood gunsmith .. 2) Call Kimber.

Let us know what you find … I'm interested as a T2 owner. Mine has only a few hundred rounds through it and has run flawlessly ... so far.

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Cleaning the gun and the magazine will probably solve the problem. But if you're curious, install the slide stop with the slide removed. Now see if it moves freely. Now insert a magazine and see if the slide stop is still free.
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So I gave the gun a good clean (it wasn't that dirty, it's been a lot worse) and reassembled it. No change.

Usually I just put a drop of oil on each slide rail, the barrel lockup lugs, swinging link and where the barrel contacts the bushing. This time I put a little more oil around the slide stop. Still nothing.

I replaced the slide stop with an extended one. It was difficult but after a few times pushing down on the slide release got a lot easier. I replaced he original slide stop and again I could not depress it. In the end I put the extended slide stop back on.

I guess I will have to try installing the original slide release back in the frame and see it it will work then.
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