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Your Opinion on Getting Robar NP3+ Coating on this Kimber Ultra Carry II

This Kimber Ultra Carry II is my nicest pistol (photo 1). I shoot about 150 rounds every weekend. The paint on the aluminum frame is starting to wear off at the main friction areas. I would like to have the frame coated in NP3 Plus Firearm Finish by Robar ( I am trying to determine if the cost is “worth it” given the current wear on the pistol. The coating cost is $200 for just the frame, or $400 for a complete coating (including all internal and external parts and one mag). That's not a massive investment for me, but it's also not trivial.

My question is this: In your opinion, is there still enough life left in this pistol to justify having it coated in NP3? Is the wear in photos 3, 4 and 5 “normal” and nothing to be worried about, or is this type of wear problematic for significant future use? If I can get another 50,000 rounds through this pistol, the coating would be worth it to me (approximately 150-200 rounds per week for 5 years). So do you think there is enough life left to justify the coating? Leave it as-is and don't worry about the wear?

I know this is a subjective question here, so "opinion" is the operative word here. Just getting the general thoughts of people far more knowledgable than me about wear on Kimber Pistols.

Thank you in advance.
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