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Semi-wadcutter feed problems

I am shooting a KHX custom. I loaded up some Berry's 185gr semi-wadcutters. I cycled a few through (just racking slide, not shooting) at home and no feed problems. At the range it was a different story. I had some loaded with Titegroup and some with Powerpistol. The problem was worse closer to the starting weights, but the problem did not go away at higher charges. COL is 1.135". Also had a few misfeed with Berry's 230gr RN- same powders. COL is 1.210" All the loads were out of Hornady's reloading book.
Just curious if anyone else has had feed problems like this. Trying to figure out if I need to change to a different load with different COL, maybe more aggressive crimp, polish the feed ramp, etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Use factory Ball FMJ ammo for break-in, at least 400 rounds.

Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa.

I agree with 2sharp2 and this is what the manual says.

Before firing the firearm for the first time, field strip and clean the firearm following proper procedures (see Disassembly, Cleaning and Lubrication and Assembly instructions in this manual). For proper break-in, fire 400-500 rounds of 230 grain (or heavier) full metal jacket, high quality factory-fresh premium personal defense ammunition. Clean and lubricate the firearm after every 100 rounds or after each shooting session, whichever is first, or more often as needed, such as when the firearm is exposed to dirt, moisture or perspiration.
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I was a reloader, and when I loaded a semi-wadcutter .45, I would press the band into the mouth of the brass so only a thin edge was showing.

Then instead of a traditional die for automatics, I would use a "roll crimp" die and just bump the edge of the case mouth. The idea was to create the minimum of edges.

Truth be told, if I couldn't get that to work, the pistol went out to Terry Tussey.
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BTW, I still have almost half a bucket of of those 45s. I'm also really picky--if there was a flaw, it went back into the casting pot.

Free to a good home.

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I had a similar problem with my fairly new Micro 9 in SS. It would not feed lead bullets without having about every 3rd round FTF and hang up on the feed ramp, but would flawlessly feed jacketed rounds. Took my pistol down and gave in a through cleaning and then noticed both the chamber and feed ramp of my Micro 9 were never factory polished. Took my Dremel Tool, a felt brush and polishing compound and gave both a mirror polish and cleaned again with solvent. I haven't had a single FTF since. BTW, no metal removed, just a polish.
Could that be your problem also?

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Thanks everyone. I have indeed failed to put 400-500 rounds of factory ammo through first. I guessed to totally missed that in the manual. I will start there for sure and see what happens. If I still have problems I will look at whether I need to crimp differently or polish after that. Thanks again for the input.
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