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The Franken Kimber saga...

Hi All,

Fairly new to the forum and first time posting.

During this last summer, I purchased my first 1911. A Pro Carry II.

For the first two weeks, I pretty much went to my club and shot it 4 times a week. Have to say I fell in love with the 1911 platform and the Pro Carry II specifically.

Before I continue, for the Kimber purists here, you may want to consider looking away for a few minutes while I share my highly bastardized version affectionately known as "Franken Kimber" to the community.

You've been warned! ;-)

After the first two weeks, I got the brilliant idea that I wanted a weapon light on it for EDC. But without a rail, I started Googling for options.

I came across the company Recover Tactical. They make a grip panel designed such that it creates a rail on the pistol. They also have a holster with active retention designed for this grip/rail adapter with weapon lights.

After getting bored with this configuration, I decided I wanted to top it with a Vortex Venom 3MOA red dot. So, off I go to BassPro to buy one. Fortunately I got the last one in stock.

Discovered I had to order a dovetail mounting plate for it. Waited a week for that to come in along with my WC flat wire kit.

The first smith I took everything to said the adapter plate wouldn't work, period. Because of Kimber's rear sight cut. He highly recommended I call Wright Armory in Phoenix to get the slide cut.

So I called Wright Armory and explained I wanted the slide cut for a Venom. He said no problem. $175 with 2 wk turn.

This was on a Saturday morning. I was hoping to get it done today so I could play with it over the weekend. 2 wk turn....hmmmm....I asked if they would consider an "Expedite" fee to get it done that day?

He said they could have it ready by lunch for double the price ($350). Of course I said done and I'll be there in 15 mins.

Get there, dropped everything off and they said they'd call in a few hours. I saw on their shelf they had a 6MOA Vortex Viper for the same price I paid BassPro for the Venom. So back to BassPro, cash back.

Went back and gave them the cash for their Viper. While there, their lead smith came up front to talk to me with a tub full of my stripped down parts.

He showed the bottom of the slide with the Series 80 safety bits. If he cuts the slide, it would interfere with those Schwartz parts. He said a delete kit would solve the problem and give me a Series 70 action. I was cool. They did that part for free.

He also said if I wanted, he would cut a window into the Recovery frame so the serial number would show through. He said if it were ever inspected by law enforcement and they couldn't see the number easily, they would tear it apart and not put it back together very well if at all...even in a traffic stop situation. So, I said please and thank you.

Anyways, left until lunchtime when they called. The guy said my Kimber was ready for pickup.

So I rushed on over. The same smith brought it up front with everything assembled and looking great. He laughed and said he had never seen such a rig and everyone there affectionately referred to it as "Franken Kimber".

When he said that, we all busted out laughing! He said he thought it was cool as hell though and would love to shoot it.

So I take my new toy to the range and had a blast with it using the new Viper. Absolutely brilliant! It draws and holsters easily. I shoot steel with it out in the desert with some friends. They all love it and 2 of them still pester me to sell it to them....erm, hell no!

Man, that 6MOA dot on top of my buttery smooth Franken Kimber provides really quick transitions on steel targets.

Anyways, still not done tinkering. Because of the slide cut, due to the design of the Vortex base, I lost my rear sight in the process. So, the slide to never return to factory configuration...ever.

With no rear sight, what happens if the Vortex dies? So, I discovered the Viridian 5XL Gen3 green laser/light combo that is rechargeable. Now I have a green laser as a sight backup and still retain weapon light capabilities.

So, here are some pics of the rig with the original OLight weapon light on it. I'll have to post pictures later with that light replaced by the Viridian setup.

All in? About $2k and couldn't be happier!

OK, Kimber purists, you can join back in now!
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois. Now that's a hell of a first post, well done whyaskme.
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Welcome to the forum from Florida.
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Other than welcome to the site from Tennessee, I don't know what to say?
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Interesting project. Now it's exactly as you want it.
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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa. Congratulations on the Franken Kimber.
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Welcome from New England. That's definitely unique! I like unique, no hate here...
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Franken Kimber. Certainly is unique. Congratulations.
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Welcome and congrats on a well done project!
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