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Ramped vs standard barrel and bull vs bushing barrel

Hi I would like to know the pro and cons between these type of barrels and which one to buy on my next 1911 purchase
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I like ramped barrels.

I practice with hardball, but usually use some form of hollowpoint for defense. I even check the hollowpoints for rough edges that could catch on anything.

For example, I took the slide off my Kimber, and inserted a loaded magazine. The "nose" of the Hornady Critical Defense was already halfway up the ramp.
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Ramped barrels provide more support for the cartridge and are stronger. Extra support isn’t generally needed for factory loads though but if you’re loading for major power factors, for example in IPSC, a ramped (supported chamber) give extra support to prevent cases from rupturing.

All of my Kimbers in 45 and 38 super use ramped barrels as does my 9mm Springfield. I’ve been shooting some remaining major powerfactor loads from my IPSC days in my Eclipse Target 38 super. The Eclipse handles them with no issues where as my Colt SXE LW commander doesn’t have a ramped barrel and would be questionable as to whether it would handle these loads safely.
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I think that a ramped barrel eliminates the transition, so is potentially more trouble free. A bushing has an extra part with extra boundary areas, potentially introducing more inaccuracy. However, there are top-notch guns that use all these types of design, and there are pieces of worthless junk that use all these types of design. In other words, this wouldn't really be something that you would look for when buying a gun. What other characteristics are you looking for in a new gun?

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Old 01-23-2019, 09:07 PM   #5
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My preference is ramped barrel with bushing, just like my Stainless Target 9mm.
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My pop-in-law's Kimbers were all bull barrel, and they were tight as a drum. There was zero slop, play, rattling, etc. Mine is a bushing barrel, and in comparison it's a little loose. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't rattle like a Rock Island or anything. It shoots straight and works smoothly. But I will say Dad's Kimber Liberty and whatever his little Kimber were had a more precision, higher quality feel, FWIW.
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Ramped and Bull Barrel. Easier on the feeding and better lockup.
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