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New pistol...first steps?

So, what are YOUR first steps when you get a brand spanking factory new Kimber?

Do you strip and lube it?

Take it to the range right out of the box and put 100 rounds through?

Stare at it with stars in your eyes and sigh?

Seriously, what are your first steps?
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Staring at it with stars in your eyes is a good start. That's. Where most of us begin.
Seriously, field strip it, and a good clean and lube is the way to go. Next step is to put at least 500 rounds of 230 gr. ball ammo through it to break it in. You should be good to go from there.
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polish moving slide contact points ..ramp..chamber...rack it a 100 times by hand
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Clean it and run it wet until it's broke in.
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Originally Posted by Heifzilla View Post
Do you strip and lube it?
Absolutely. I don't think there is anyone who would suggest otherwise.

Originally Posted by Heifzilla View Post
Seriously, what are your first steps?
The first steps are when I'm driving home. I'm usually thinking about all the parts, and how I can take the gun apart and make them better. But I'm a weirdo, often wrong, and wouldn't suggest that you go that route.

Take the gun home, strip it, clean it, inspect it, lube it, familiarize yourself with its operation, and then take it out and shoot it until it's filthy.
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Yup...what they've said... Strip it, inspect it carefully, lube it well ... I prefer grease on rails and slides, oil on pivot points. Dry firing a few hundred times will help smooth the trigger/sear/hammer contact points.

Then cradle it, caress it gently, sweet talk it a little ... make friends with it ... after all you're going to be together for a long time.😍
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The first thing to do would be to read your owners manual and that will tell you to clean and lube the gun before making your first range visit. The manual will instruct you how to break the gun down and lube it. It will tell you the type of ammo to shoot and how often to clean and lube it when breaking it in. Forget about polishing anything you could void your warranty by doing that.

The number one mistake people make is failing to read the owners manual.
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Stare, fondle, clean, fondle, stare.

Seriously though, for me a new 1911 always gets cleaned and lubed before I shoot it.

I like a light grease (Slide Glide Lite) on the rails, bushing, barrel and a light oil (FP-10) on the lockwork.

After a break in period I may drop the grease and just use the FP-10 depending on my mood.
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I think Wilson Combat has it figured out.

Your new pistol is tightly fitted to very close tolerances to achieve maximum accuracy.

Load and unload your new magazines several times and keep them loaded for several days in advance of your first range day to allow the stiff springs to take an initial set. This will make them easier to load and reduce pressure on the bottom of the slide that could cause a malfunction.

Ensure that your pistol is well lubricated with a light oil like Ultima Lube II Oil or Ultima Lube II Lite Oil during break in.

Shoot a minimum of 300- 500 rounds of full charge ammunition through your pistol prior to disassembly and cleaning for the first time. Keep your custom pistol well lubricated throughout this break-in period. If you experience recurrent malfunctions, clean and lubricate your pistol during break in regardless of round count. Firearms will require fresh lubrication when new since most guns leave the shop with minimal lubricant added.
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Strip, lube, then take bunch of pictures. Afterwards, unbox the gun...

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