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Range Report 2/2/19

Another day at the range with my Aegis. 10 yards, shooting steel. Ammo: Winchester white box. I put approximately 150 rounds down range, which brings her to a total of 300 rounds through so far.

Today was a better day. I had 3 failures to go into battery, and one weird failure where the round wasn’t caught by the extractor and was just floating in the barrel. Not sure what happened there.

I am consistently shooting to the left (right handed shooter), and when I hit the target I consistently hit it to the left. I will have a bunch in row where I hit the target, then a bunch where I am not hitting the target...all to the left, from about 7 o’clock to 11 o’clock. Nothing to the right, nothing over the target, nothing lower than 7 o’clock.

I’m thinking some of this is too little trigger. I’m still having trouble with my grip, I’m not getting a lot of finger on the trigger, but keeping my thumb from riding the safety helped. I am going to switch to thin grips and see where that takes me, and go from there. I am getting more used to this pistol, and I definitely like it.

The day was gorgeous, in the upper 50s, sunny, light breeze. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. Enjoyed myself for sure

Dirty Girl
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Just a girl stumbling into 1911s.
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Chart maybe will help.
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How about a personal coach? Here's one:

A couple of the most most horrifying sounds
A click when it should go bang.
A bang when it should go click.
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I'd say your shooting to the left is because of the problems you're having with your grip. I'd suggest you take a little time everyday and just practice dry firing, work on getting a good grip and trigger finger placement. If you continue having trouble getting your finger on the trigger you could look into having a shorter trigger installed in your gun.
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What Chuck said.

Join the NRA
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I'm new to 1911's but not new to guns at all. If you shoot something else like a PPQ, Sig, etc. and you shoot it well I'd have to guess that it's the 1911 grip angle your getting used to or my best guess is that your gripping it too hard to make sure the grip safety is depressed.

I found myself gripping my 1911 Ultra much harder than on other pistols.
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This isn't exactly related to this thread, but for you 1911 guru's, why do some guys not like a bob tail? I've heard several mention for example " If it wasn't a bob tail I'd buy one of those pistols."
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Thanks all and Batty good luck to you, I hope you get it figured out.

Jim D
SE Texas
"Have you ever been in a gun fight? There's no bragging rights for second place."
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I agree with what the other guys said. I found that when I installed the thin grips my purchase on the trigger was much improved. I think you should try them.
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