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What would you do?

I've lurked here for quite awhile and this maybe my first post.

I picked up a Tactical Custom II yesterday at a gun show. Shows some holster ware but otherwise is in great condition. Got it for $545, which I think was a good deal.

My question is would you have it blasted and refinished (cerekote?) or leave as is.

I really like the look it has now, as to me, it shows some real character rather than excessive ware, but I like the new look also.

If you've refinished yours post a picture in your reply.

What would you do?
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Leave it. I'd change the springs and shoot the dickens out of it. Great find.
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Lots of possibilities there. Leave it and shoot it, cerakote (which is nothing but baked paint), or go with a top shelf treatment. My favorite is Robar's Np3+ which barely needs lube and is a lifetime finish. Here's an Ed Brown that is carried daily and shot a lot that had the Robar treatment seven years ago. It is NOT babied and looks like new.

EDIT: Sorry, I can't get photo to load. I'll try again later. You can see it on their website.
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Yours I would leave alone! I had one Cerakoted but it wasn't a Kimber.
Before and after pics.
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Gotta agree with the guys here . clean it, lube it, shoot it. Maybe research the serial number so you'll know when it was made and maybe change the grips, just to make it yours. And a main spring / firing pin spring change since you don't know the round count. It's a cheap tune up.

Here's one with the original finish circa mid-nineties . many thousands of rounds. Remember it will only be "original" once.
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Originally Posted by dls56 View Post
Leave it. I'd change the springs and shoot the dickens out of it. Great find.
I agree. Take this opportunity to just shoot and enjoy it.
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I think the gun looks pretty good as it is.

Many of the perspectives we see nowadays are from keyboard jockeys who only take out their pristine off-the-shelf guns to polish them or take them out for the infrequent hour at the climate-controlled range.

In the days of old, guns were carried frequently, shot in the rain, in dust storms, stored on tabletops without felt pads, and accumulated finish wear and other character.

From your two pictures, it appears that your gun might have been carried, but by no means has seen a rough life.

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I don't like it. I think you should send it to me. I'll get around to fixing it when my hunchback uncle straightens up and get it back to you.............................maybe. You won't owe me a thing. PM for my address if interested.

Jim D

BTW, congratulation!
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I would do what the others said as far as tuneup and then go shooting. See if the gun performs to your liking before investing anymore money. If you decide you love it and want it to look new than decide on the type finish that would work for you.
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I don't think I do anything other then what everyone has already suggested, replace all the springs, clean, lube and shoot the snot out of it.
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