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Old 03-08-2019, 09:09 PM   #1
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Stainless TLE ii

Saw one online locally for $800. It is advertised as “slicked up”. When I asked via email what that means, he said the slide and rails have been polished until smooth as butter, Dawson precision sights and no rough edges.

I am a bit leery of someone else’s polishing, not sure how the slide and rails were affected. Anyone else polish theirs this way? Any advice on what to look for?

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Lesau, welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa.
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I would be leery of someone else’s polishing as well. I’ve never done anything to my slide rails. Always just cleaned, lubed and shot my Kimbers. Do you have a reputable gunsmith near you? If you do, I’d see if you could have it looked over before purchasing? At least that’s what I would try and do. $800 is a good price if it’s not been worked over badly.
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Old 03-09-2019, 05:18 AM   #5
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Lesau. The seller would be the only one that could tell you how they polished the rails. Normally I'll do it with a new gun by stripping down the slide then cleaning all the lubricant off the rails. I apply some toothpaste to the rails and work the slide on the frame a couple of hundred times. Clean the frame and slide, reassemble the slide, lube and test it for smoothness. Repeat if necessary, just remember you use old fashion toothpaste not any of these new gels.

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By the way, I own a Stainless TLE II and it’s been excellent out of the box.
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Old 03-09-2019, 06:27 AM   #7
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I have two (Custom & Ultra) and never had a reason to "polish them up". I just bought them and shot them. After a few rounds, they broke in quite nicely.
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Old 03-09-2019, 08:34 AM   #8
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I have a carbon steel TLE Pro and it’s been 100% reliable from day 1. I also have a 5” Eclipse Target 38 super, Ultra Carry two tone 45 and a Micro 9 that have functioned flawlessly since day 1. I had one bad magazine with the Eclipse but Kimber promptly replaced it.

I’m hesitant to buy guns that have had work done on them because you don’t know if it was a botched home job. A botched gunsmithing job can turn a good deal into a bad one.

I’m even hesitant to buy used now. Last summer I bought a very clean used S&W 625 45acp revolver at a gun show. It got it at a good price and it appeared in excellent shape when I inspected it. After shooting it I found the timing off and shaving lead. It wasn’t off much but enough to be an issue. I sent it to S&W and got it back in mechanically new condition but it cost nearly $200 including shipping. That repair brought the price to just over the cost of a new one with a lifetime warranty.
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My Stainless TLE II RL has been totally reliable after the break-in. It's my duty weapon and has to stay stock. No complaints.
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If you can get your hands on the pistol check for any rocking between the slide and frame if there's much give at all I'd leave it alone. All used guns are buyer beware. Go to a gun store and feel what a new Kimber 1911 feels like. Best wishes I hope it works out for you.
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