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9 mm Aegis II Custom Shop - Initial Impressions

Swapped my 9 mm Colt Defender + $350 (OTD) for brand new Aegis II Ultra.
The Kimber shoots better, is lighter, slimmer and easier to conceal. Fits MY hand better. Seems more accurate too. Fit and finish is good, but I don't give it an edge over the Colt in that department - despite the "custom shop."

At the range, I experienced several failures to feed or eject during the first box-and-ahalf of ammo (Blaser FMJ 124 grain). After that, it ran flawlessly for another 150 rounds. Shooting time on this pistol was split between me and my daughter.
We were also playing with my Glock 26, Keltec Sub2000 (9mm Glock) and my Solo.
Rifle aside, I was more accurate - by a hair - with the Glock, which always gives me the tightest groups. Try as I might to dislike Glock, it keeps winning me over.
Meanwhile, my daughter LOVED the Aegis and was producing 2 inch groups (excellent for her) from the get-go at around 7 yards.
(The Solo, which is now my EDC, is remarkably accurate out to 10 yards, which is surprising for such a short barrel. I put 30 rounds through it for practice. But IT IS NOT A RANGE FUN GUN!!!!! Mucho recoil. This is okay since it is a defensive weapon, not a toy. My daughter won't shoot more than two magazines!!!!)
Aegis has a very crisp and consistent trigger. Slide is smooth. Excellent sights. Shoots soft, though not like my Sig P226, which I think is the finest 9 mm ever. I like the Kimber's checkering, I'm not sure about the wood grips. The esthetics of the gun are bland. But again, it's a tool
I'd give the pistol 4 stars. Maybe 4.5.
Certainly, it has it all over the Colt, which was surprisingly inaccurate. And that's what the swap was all about. I'd recommend the pistol.

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Pictures always make for much better reading!
Retired USAF. Life member VVA Chapter 850

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Sounds like a nice gun. Sure wish I had a picture!
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See Kimber America's site!
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Here you go, I found a picture of one.

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LMAO! Thanks for the photos. Bit lazy to take pix last couple days.

Here's a range update. Went Sunday, did 100 rounds with the Aegis.
This pistol does NOT like 115 grain ammo. Period.
It went like this: bang! failure to eject. clear. bang! for two magazines.
Kimber says the pistol likes heavier stuff and it is not kidding.
Meanwhile, I shot my solo again. It didn't even burp on 115 grain and it's supposed to be finicky!
Both Kimbers are excellent guns.
That said, my Sig P226 came on the trip and was, well, top gun. But it is too big to carry.
Solo is about as perfect CCW as you can find. Small and kick ass!
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I picked up a Ultra Aegis II a week ago, as well as a Sig P938. Both new. Working our way through the 'break in' period of 300 rounds. Both are only eating Federal Target FMJ 115gr for break in.

I had only done the initial get home, strip, clean, and lube routine. The best info I've found is to next clean at about the 150 rnd mark during break in period. The Kimber UAII had 3 stove pipes around the 130 mark. After cleaning (and lubing), went out and put 150 115gr target ammo down the pipe. And 16 Hornaday Critical Defense. Not a single problem, not one. I'm using the stock Kimber mag, (NEED to find more mags!).

This is my first Kimber. I have a few other 1911's, Sig C3, Colt, and now the baby Sig. I've always wanted a Kimber, but was leery, with the quality control issues a while back. I'm happy with this new addition to the family. Now I just need to find some more mags...
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The 9 mm mags are very scarce. Fortunately, I had a couple left over from my Colt, which work fine.
No pix though.
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