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Custom II in 45 - Magazines issues / cure

Let me start by saying that I'm not complaining at all. I picked up a Custom II recently to join my Ultra Raptor and Micro 9. I love the Micro but bought a used Raptor on a whim. I have a few decent guns but I amazed how well the short barrel Raptor shoots.

I shoot a Walther Q5 match in IPDA SSP (stock) and really like the gun but I'm more accurate with the Raptor. Now that is not at speed like I would shoot the Walther but... I decided to look at a full size Kimber to shoot IDPA CDP. I came across a "used" Custom II, it was never actually used as it was won at a gun bash. When we transferred at a gun shop I bought 2 extra KimPro Tac mags.

First time at the range, I took three tac mags and two different types of ammo and it was a jam-a-thon! Technically it was a failure to return to battery. I took it to my local gun shop Big Buck in suburban Pittsburgh - HUGE SHOUT OUT! They did some work on the gun, polishing etc for free. I took it back to the range and it was better but still happening so they suggested switching magazines. I bought a couple of Wilson mags and the problems are solved. It shoots like a dream now.
I'm not complaining about the Kimber Mags because they work in my other guns but not the Custom II for whatever reason. I choked through 500+ rounds with the FTRB and it really didn't get better until the new mags.

If you have these kind of issues, grab a Wilson mag and see if that helps
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You may want to contact Kimber CS and/or try to return the KimPro Tac mags. Many of us use them and experience no issues. I use them in my 4 .45 caliber guns and 1 9mm almost exclusively. Sorry to hear of your troubles.
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Hmm, nope never had a problem with the factory mags that come with the pistols or the KimPro Tac mags. What a mystery?
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Dave gave you some good advice, contact Kimber and see if you can exchange them. I'm running over 25 KimPro Tac Mags and have never has a single problem with any of them.
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It's all good

I'm not upset at all. In fact, I'm happy the solution was as simple as Wilson Mags. The Kimber mags work fine in other 1911's including my Raptor. I love the gun and have changed grips, MSH/Magwell and have sights on the way.
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Great results! Looks as if you are getting what you want from the piece.
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Never had a problem with a KimPro mag either. Interesting. Wonder if a fresh recoil spring would take care of it.
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Looks great!
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