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Kimber Custom 2 TLE buyers questions

Hello this is Redriver6 i am a new comer to the forum and i have a few questions for the 1911 veterans out there. Ia m considering buying a Kimber Custom 2 TLE. I have heard mostly good things about this particular 1911. However, i have some questions about some of the negative reviews that i have read on this pistol these question being
1. I have read some complaints that the factory magazine provided by Kimber with the gun has a bad follower, which supposedly causes misfeeds. Others have said that it is a better magazine then the Wilson combat 47-D magazine. Which is a popular aftermarket magazine.
2.Another complaint which i became aware of after watching a YouTube review. A gentleman had bought a Kimber Custom 2 TLE RL. His slid stop was catching on the casings as they were being striped out of the magazine. He had to send the gun back to Kimber where they smoothed out the inside end of the slide stop. How common is this?
3.I have also heard reports that the Kimbers stainless match grade barrels begin to show rust after a short period of time?
4.Another one of the problems i have come across is that the feed ramp catches on the noses of hollow point rounds? Is the Kimber Custom 2 TLE pick on what ammo you put through it?
5.How long has the current Design of the Kimber Custom 2 TLE been in production?

Your answers to these questions will help me to better ensure that i get the best .45 1911.
thanks again Redriver6
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First, welcome to the forum.
1. The standard factory mags seem to be pretty good. I have had no problems with mine. That said, as additional mags, I bought Kimber Pro Tac mags. They have a very good rep.
2. The guys who own this particular model will have to answer up on this one. Also check some of the 1911 sites. There is often a lot of conversation about Kimbers on those.
3. Surface rust on any ferrous metal is possible. The ease and frequency is determined by the blended materials. All that said, a light coat of oil will prevent any rust from forming, (my opinion).
4. Usually ball ammo is recommended for break in. After that, stay away for hollow points that use lead or aluminum at the tip and you should never have a problem, (my opinion).
5. Some of the other members may be able to help on this one.
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The standard mag is bit or miss. The tactical a better. I use Wilson's or Metalform Elites for work.

The TLE does not have a stainless barrel. So rust is more of an issue. Wipe with oil. The highly praised Kart custom barrels many use on custom guns is not stainless either.

The lobe of the slide stop can be struck by the second round down in the mag and cause an inadvertant engagement of the slide stop locking the slide back on an unempty gun. This varies with ammo due to the ogive from base distance. Kimber plays the odds on this and instead of hand fitting all of them they replace the probably 10 percent that have the issue. They don't need the gun they will send you a tuned slide stop if you need it. It is also and easy fix to do yourself.

As far as the feeding issue some do not know where feeding ends and chambering begins. I have dealt with annual inspections on many Kimbers at work. I have not found a feeding issue not solved by using good mags.

Hands down the biggest issue I see with kimber 45s is the radius under the extractor claw and the breechface to inner claw distance. They all seem to be .069 which may be fine for high dollar match ammo but opening to .075 will make it run everything without using extra power recoil springs to force the rim under the the extractor.

The TLE is a great value in the line but the finish on the black oxide ones wears fast with a lot of holster drills

Edited info. I have found depending g on ammo that the leade in the kimber chamber is short. I use a finish reamer and lengthen this.

The can be checked by (at range or other safe place) locking slide back. Placing one round in a mag and seating the mag. Dump the slide hard by depressing the slide stop. Now slowly retract the slide to clear the chamber. The round should not stick if so the rifling is engaged on the bullet. You may see marked on the bullet or circumference. This impact can cause bullet set back and increase chamber pressure. It can also result in failures to return to battery. Another common kimber complaint though most are extractor breechface clearance.

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Oh. I have had about a dozen Kimbers through the line up to Gold Combat. I never do the "break in" thing. I field strip clean and lube. Check and cut the extractor as above. Use Wilson ETM or 47 mags or Metalform Elites with my issue Speer 230 grain Gold Dots. And then shoot the piss out it it.

Oh I added to the above the other kimber issue. I do thT too when doing pre shoot inspection.
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Thanks for all your help

This is a shout out to all of you great gentlemen who reached out to answer my questions. Your answers have helped me push allot closer to my final 1911 decision. Thanks again for all your great advice.
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