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Smile New member needing advice, thank you all in advance!! : ))

I’m new to the forum, new to 1911’s, new to Kimber. All my previous pistols have been:
1) Taurus 357 Mag. 6” revolver. Very first pistol I bought in 1990, start of college. Beautifully made! VERY accurate! No idea where it went.
2) LOT’S of GLOCKS!! 10 of them so far over the years. My most accurate is my Gen. 4 Model 19, with the “frying-pan” slide finish, you CANNOT scratch this finish, is a slightly rough textured finish, know what finish I’m describing? This model 19 with this finish is in high demand. A tac-driver! As accurate as my Walther. Most accurate GLOCK I’ve ever owned.
3) My newish Walther PPQ Q4-TAC 9mm., LOVE this gun!! Fantastic trigger!! Stupid accurate!
4) My step-dad bought me a Ruger polished stainless steel 38 Special +P 2” snub-nose revolver, with black rubber grips. Nice pocket shooter. Don’t shoot it as much. Usually in the glove-box in my car. Replaced my Gen. 2 GLOCK 17 as my “car gun”. That GLOCK has a special place in my heart because it saved my life from a car-jacking. Didn’t even have to pull the trigger. He saw the gun pointed at him, and he (the leader) and his three friends, their eyes bugged out, and they RAN!!! Thank God I had that gun in my car!!! ALWAYS have a loaded gun in my car. So glad I live in the South! In the N.E., or, other places, having a loaded gun in my glove-box, would be a PROBLEM! Not a problem in the south, no need for a permit to do so. Happy I live here!
And now I am obsessed with buying a Kimber stainless steel Raptor Pro II! Am also looking at Springfield 1911’s. Wondering if they are worth considering?? The Ronin 1911 looks pretty sweet too!! IDK enough about 1911’s, except the triggers on Kimber’s I’ve fired were an eye opener coming from poly-gun triggers, so CRISP! Never fired a Springfield or Colt 1911, which is why I joined this forum. To be educated by you guys! Not really considering a Colt 1911, hear they can have issues. My main consideration is the Raptor Pro II. : ))))))

Thank you all!!!


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Also, any advice on a Kimber dealer that you like that would have this model? Having trouble locating this stainless Kimber Raptor Pro II to buy. Thanks!!
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I posted this link yesterday from Kentucky Gun Co. Maybe you didn’t see it but it’s still in stock and I doubt you’ll find a better price. I’m really shocked it’s still available.

I only have 1 Springfield, it’s a SS Range Officer 5” 9”. It’s one of my favorite handguns. It’s very accurate and very reliable. I’m not saying it’s better than any Kimber I own but it’s certainly on par.
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Originally Posted by JC45 View Post
I posted this link yesterday from Kentucky Gun Co. Maybe you didnít see it but itís still in stock and I doubt youíll find a better price. Iím really shocked itís still available.
John found you the deal of the day, the Kentucky Gun Co. is a good company to deal with and as he said I doubt you'll find a better price.
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I think the move to 1911 will be an improvement in the trigger regardless of the brand. The Raptor is certainly a fine looking choice (especially since you have a knock around shooter) and that link John posted is about as good a price as you'll find. I'll toss the Gun Broker option out there as well. You can come across some great deals there too. I'll caution you that the "buy now" tab is often tempting and advise against drinking and searching GB...
I'm curious if you've gone over Kimber's line up thoroughly? There are other great alternatives in the Kimber family. The discontinued Tactical models are still findable and may interest you. Kimber website has everything in production but can be overwhelming. You may know this but Kimber sizes are Ultra=3", Pro=4" and others are generally 5" barrels. There are still a few steel framed models otherwise they're aluminum with various offerings in 9mm, 10mm and .45ACP.
Remember the pictures with that range report :-)
Welcome to KT
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Originally Posted by Savroof View Post
To be educated by you guys! Not really considering a Colt 1911, hear they can have issues.
Welcome aboard, David.

Glock makes Glocks, Smith & Wesson makes Smith & Wessons, but everybody and his brother makes 1911s. There is only one set of blueprints for Glocks and S&Ws but every company that makes 1911s has their own unique set of prints, tolerances, processes, tool replacement schedule, and quality control.

What this all adds up to in the 1911 world is that it's not unusual for any given company to produce perfect pistols on Tuesday and crap pistols on Friday because someone didn't change out a tool bit on Thursday like they were supposed to.

Bottom line. You pays your money, you takes your chances. It also explains why the finest 1911 'smiths in the country have very long waiting lists for folks who want to take advantage of their skills. Having said that, most 1911 manufacturers usually produce functional pistols. However, it is common to find poorly fit barrels and especially poorly fit extractors in mass produced 1911s.

So, there's the dirty little 1911 secret. Don't worry, if you find something amiss with your new pistol, the manufacturer will take care of it under warranty.

If you want to take a peek under the hood of common 1911 issues here's some reading covering magazines and another covering extractors.

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Yeah, we gave you the heads up on this yesterday! In the almost same thread.

GunBroker don't have any Raptor Pro's.

JC found you the deal of the year from Kentucky Gun Co. Good easy online seller. If your really wanting a Raptor you should have already bought it online.

I have a Pro and if I was selling mine the price would be at least $1,200.
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...I have and shoot very often the following 1911's: Springfield Armory with all match grade components .45 acp; S&W 1911 PD .45 acp; Kimber Pro CDP II .45 acp; several Colts, Government .45, Competition .38 Super, Competition 9mm, Government 9mm...

...I have never had issues with any of these guns... the issues I have has always been with me...

...and as stated above, if any 1911 has a real issue, send it back to the manufacturer...
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I found out today how badly my dealer screwed me. I called Kimber about the missing mag, and why my sights are different than what’s pictured for a Pro Carry II, on Kimber’s website. Joe ran my serial number and found out my “NEW” gun is FOUR years old! And back then, it came with matte black sights. As to the “missing mag”, he’s sending me a free one. He further said the 8 round non-Kimber mag they gave me instead, probably won’t even work!! NICE! As for the white-dot sights, his manager said they’d replace them for $50.00, initially, $100.00 incl. postage. SO MAD!! Was supposed to be a happy day, a new Kimber! Not so much now.
Not really mad at Kimber, but I’m gonna do everything I can to go after my dealer. Do a charge back for the cost of the sights, and Joe was mad as to how I was treated, and will have corporate get hold of the rep for the dealer. Kimber doesn’t like their customers getting screwed.

David out, for now....
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I can certainly understand sight preference, it's a significant issue for a lot of folks. What I don't understand is that regardless of manufacturing date why someone would purchase a gun then later demand the seller pay to change the sights.

As far as new guns / old stock, that's common with guns. Manufacturing date is usually not much of a consideration for most buyers of ordinary handguns. Model and specs are key.

There's an old adage that goes something like this: You get what you inspect, not what you expect. Gentlemen, inspect the gun prior to purchase. If it doesn't meet your criteria, don't purchase it.
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