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Kimber 2013 price list???

my 1st post. I am not a Kimber owner yet, but that is one of the reasons I joined this forum. I wanted to get as much information I could before making my final decision on which model to get. That and I need to sell a few of my 9's to help fund my 1st 1911.

anyway, to the point of this post. I had seen another post where another member listed the 2013 Kimber price list and it included the retail price, the dealer cost and the master dealer cost.

I've narrowed my decision down to one of the PRO 4" models and preferebly one with the round heel. Ideally, I'm looking for the price information on the CLASSIC CARRY PRO. then in no particular order the super carry pro, SCP HD, and master carry pro.

if there's a link somewhere to the price list or if that information could be provided, it would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois mmorrison55, I've never seen a list like you're talking about. If there is one I'd like to see it myself.
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Yeah, I saw it mentioned in the discussion about the grand raptor II. Definitely some good info to have if you want to try and negotiate a fair price for all parties involved.
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Please send me the list if anyone finds it.I usually feel somewhat incompetent trying to negotiate a half way decent price.
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I have the list it's 26 pages. It lists all of Kimber's products. This list is about to expire and a new list will be out in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get the new one at the Shot Show
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In response to mmorrison55's request welcome to the forum from Las Vegas!
The three guns you requested prices on, listed on page 36 and 37 of Kimber's 2013 catalog. The price list I have is from last January and these prices may not be in effect today. I can't imagine the prices have gone down...............

Supper Carry Pro. Retails at $1596.00 Dealers cost $1326.00 and Master dealers cost $1174.00
Supper Carry Pro HD. Retail $1699.00 Dealer Cost $1412.00 And Master Dealers cost $1249.00
the Classic Carry pro. Retail $2056.00 Dealer Cost $1708.00 and Master Dealers cost $1512.00
Hope this helps you!

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Sbubrick, that's a ton of help. thank you sir!

if you happen to get your hands on that new list and there are any significant changes, I'd appreciate an update.

For those wanting a general price on other Kimber's not listed, and also assuming they follow the same formula of the 3 listed above, it appears the Master dealer cost is 26.5% and the dealer cost is 16.9% off the retail prices.

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