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James Yeager, "1911's suck" guy :-(

Hey all, I'm new to the semi auto world, (micro carry) and have been trying to learn as much as I can about the 1911 designs. Lots of good info on this forum by the way. I came across a you tube video by Yeager titled "1911's suck". He's a weapons instructor of some sort and rants about how no one has made it through his class using a 1911, he's a Glock guy.
There's a subsequent video I enjoyed seeing "Kimber 1000 torture test" and thought some of you would like it. I guess a Kimber rep gave James a 1911 and he decided to run it hard, show the flaws. Oddly the Kimber ran smooth as owl sheet and ol Jim gets to taste some crow :-)
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Post the link, if you don't mind. I would love to watch that.
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Here you go John, this is part 2 where he shoots the 1000 rounds.

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Wonder if he's related to Chuck...
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... thanks Chuck

One of these days I'll get the posting video thing figured out, appreciate the assistance :-)
... Hope some of the readers get a kick out of this one.
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Definitely a loaner pistol, when near the end he tossed it towards the target.
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Did I miss the part about the model of Kimber?
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Hey Walkingman, it's listed as a TLE/RL TFS 9mm in an earlier video Yeager posted. Nice shooting pistol.
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If it's any consolation to you, every guru or mercenary shone in these videos has been outted as a poser. In fact, in another hobbyist forum James Yeager's credentials were demonstrated to be inflated.

The funniest one involves Phil Elmore, who actually ran an MA forum--that is, until a board called bullshido.com found he had no credentials at all.

(On a personal note, Phil and I have tangled in forums. He now writes self-defense pieces for Tactical Knives, the only rag I know that's worse than Soldier of Fiction.)

The best advice I ever heard about learning to defend yourself was that if you need a martial background, just join the Army. You won't learn much on the computer.

Then again, if you fancy yourself a riverboat gambler and have the yen to learn how to fight with a Bowie knife, go google James Keating. Yes, the public is that stupid...
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He's still a putz! IMO
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