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Eclipse II Target Question

Hello eveybody,

My names Wolf, Im a 39 years old paramedic from northern Germany.

Im about to buy a 1911 to use as a backup when hunting and to have fun with on the range.
While I am pretty sure its going to be a Kimber Im still in the process of deciding which model its going to be.

While looking at all the different models I got confused a bit, as the Custom Eclipse II Target is listed as having a stainless steel barrel in the 2015 Kimber catalog, while on the website it just says "steel" as barrel material.

Id really appreciate it if you could clear the confusion for me, as there seems to be no email address on the Kimber website and calling in from Germany would probably be rather expensive. And I havent really spoken english in years...

Another question I couldnt find an answer to is whether the Eclipses mainspring housing is made of steel or synthetic material.

The last question is about the sights on the target model. As Ive never used the "bar-dot" kind of sights mounted on the pistol and the Eclipse variant with the fixed combat sights doesnt seem to be available here Id like to ask if you think the sights might be of any use for rather fast defensive style shooting in low light conditions.

As Ive already read that the finish on the Eclipse II probably prefers not to be carried around in a holster too much, as would be the case with with my use of the pistol its probably going to be a Stainless TLE II anyways, but I like the looks of the Eclipse II sooo much...

Thanks in advance for any answers,


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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois WolfK33. I'm not familiar with the Eclipse but we have a member here SWCA (Tom) that just got one and wrote a Range Report that you may find helpful. You could also post your questions in his report, that may help you get some answers.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!!
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Welcome to the forum from the Lou....
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Welcome from southern California! I bought the Eclipse Custom II in 10 mm. I have had it to the range once with it so far I really like it. Mine has the night sights I like. I am not much on target sights. I like quicker target acquisition. I don't holster this gun at the range. It has a beautiful finish. I would want a holster that has a deerskin lining or something to protect the finish. I would not worry to much. You will probably buy more than one Kimber they are addicting big time. I think it is great to have someone from Germany on the forum. A lot of really great guys on this forum with some good gun knowledge.
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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa. I've had an Eclipse pro II since 2004. This gun is an excellent shooter.

The gun has a beautiful finish and like any carry gun it will develop holster wear. I take very good care of my guns and it has some small scratches on the slide. As far as the barrel, mine is stainless steel and I believe all Eclipse model are stainless.

As far as I can see there isn't much of difference in the price of these two guns you mentioned. If you're going to spend this much money on a gun get the one you really want.

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I believe all Kimber have non metal main spring housings. I doubt the barrel is stainless, but they are stain resistant. Any rust I've ever seen in a barrel is minor, inside and gone with scrub with regular cleaning with a barrel brush.
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Welcome. Some of their barrels are stainless and some are not. I do not own an Eclipse however. Maybe someone that does can take a cotton swap with cold blue solution and touch a drop on theirs. Stainless will not blue.

As I live in Arizona I don't have the concerns that others have though I would always prefer a stainless barrel.

The great thing for you is that you have access to Lothar 1911 barrels there that have not come to the US yet.
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According to Kimber's website Mike240 is correct, some are stainless some are not.
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Wolf, welcome to the sight from Tennessee.

I think my catalog is from last year 2015, anyway it shows the Eclipse Custom .45 and 10mm and Eclipse Target .45 all have Stainless Steel barrels.

As a matter of fact ALL Kimber's have Stainless Steel Barrels with the exception of the following which have Steel barrels, Royal II, Classic Carry Pro, All of the Rimfire and All Conversion Kits.

Basically the Target "Bar-Dot" sight is just a target adjustable rear sight with a "White" line in the bottom of the front dot on top of white line squeeze trigger. Would probably be fine for hunting and range but I would not want it for concealed carry.

That's the information I have at hand.
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