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TLE II Stainless First Range Report

Good afternoon,

today I went to the shooting range for the first time with my new TLE II Stainless.

It was cold and moist with icy gusty winds. The last time I was shooting handguns was more than six months ago. We shot from 25 meters offhand.

I had the Kimber factory mag, a blued Mec-Gar 7-rounder and a nickel Mec-Gar 8-round mag.

I fired 171 rounds of 230grs roundnose and had one failure to go into battery (with the blued Mec-Gar), but that was very close to the 100 shots the manual states as the round-count for the first cleaning during the 500 shot break-in.

Precision with Magtech was so-so, but better than I ever did with my SA/DA HK45 (all over the place most of the time, hated that plastic trigger), that I sold to get the Kimber. But it wasnīt only my fault, my buddy, whoīs the best handgun shooter I personally know didnīt do much better.
I was a bit let down, but then we tried Remington UMC, of which I unfortunately only had 1 box.

I never was or will be very good, or even good with handguns, but the combination of Kimber and Remington immediately gave me the best group I ever shot at 25 meters offhand !

8 shots, the bigger hole at the bottom is only one hit from this series that took a sticker with it. Everything thatīs out of the 4-shot-string in the middle I already noticed when the shots fell, I had a little trouble concentrating on the front sight. I guess I have to cover the rear dots on the range with something.
In case you wonder about all those green stickers all over the place, most of them are Glock 19-holes, Iīve never been very good with that thing.

This group was shot by my buddy with Remington. The two "flyers" (that are sooooo far away...) were called.

I donīt know why the picture is turned....

Well, thatīs all I can say about that right now, but I guess I donīt have to say a lot more...

Iīm baffled not only how precise that pistol is, but even more so that I can shoot such spectacular (by my usual standards) groups.

Thank you Kimber for making this great piece !
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It is the design of the 1911 and the trigger. The first time I shot a 1911 I became a better shooter. I feel the 1911 is best designed hand gun for accuracy I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. I now own four 1911's three are Kimbers!Clean lube and shoot and you will become more proficient than you ever imagined.
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Nice shooting! Nice report and love having the pictures to bring the experience right on in to my living room.
I've been wanting a TLE myself. If I ever run across one while I'm out and about I think I might buy one.
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Nice shooting Wolf and another great report.
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Nice report wolf!
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Hey all the holes are on the paper! I have found groups will tighten as break in progresses and some ammo is better than others.
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Great shooting, with a favorite Kimber model. Thanks for such a detailed range report.
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Try using a black Sharpie marker on the rear tritium dots. You can always clean it off with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.
Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times don’t matter.
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