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Master Series Crimson Trace and Stealth Gear

Looking to replace my Crossbreed holster, both because it cracked, and doesn't really accommodate my Crimson Trace grips. I have the new Master Series G10 laser grips, and I'm curious if anybody has used the SGUSA Onyx IWB holster with these new grips. The laser housing is shaped differently, and at a glance it doesn't look like it would quite fit. If anybody has this combo, please post pics so I can either avoid making a $100+ mistake, or make a great investment as I have heard nothing but good things about these holsters.
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tthomp3, I think you'd be better off contacting Stealth Gear directly and asking them if their holster is designed to work with your gun.

(801) 407-4239 Business hours are M-F 9am-5pm MST

I'd also suggest you contact CrossBreed about your cracked holster, I'd bet that they'd be willing to do something for you.

CrossBreedŽ Holsters, LLC
6955 West Carnahan Street
Springfield, Missouri 65802

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I contacted both of them before I set out to have my question answered on the boards. SGUSA did not have a real definitive answer other than "it should work". Crossbreed will repair the cracked holster, but will not reshape it for the crimson trace grips without me paying almost the full price of a new holster.
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I use DeSantis and Galco holsters, two of my Master Series, Crimson Trace laser grips on my 1911's are DeSantis holsters, and one is a Galco, all are premium leather holsters, i'm left handed and my holsters fit my guns/grips perfectly, check these two makers out, if you might need something a little different give them a call....
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