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My new Saphire Ultra ii

Just picked her up today. I went looking for an Ultra+ CDP, but when I put my hands on this, I was hooked.

Question: I DO want to carry this fine gun. The gunsmith at the shop said to use a lined leather version. I need some suggestions for OWB and IWB. What do you think?
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Very nice. As far as holsters, don't scrimp. Look at the custom makers. You won't be sorry.
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Me, I would call Kimber and ask about what material is safe on that finish. Then its the holster thats most comfortable for YOU. Maybe go to a large GS and try a few on and get an idea. You know you can only fire blue bullets out of that, it's in the owners manual.k Thats a beautiful shooter, wow.
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Man, that sure is a purdy pistola you have there! Really nice, congratulations!
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Originally Posted by Islander View Post
Very nice. As far as holsters, don't scrimp. Look at the custom makers. You won't be sorry.
Ditto to what Islander said!
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That's a beautiful looking gun, wait for our resident Sapphire expert to see it. Hey Arland we have a new Sapphire in the house. My understanding is that the PVD finish on it is very durable, if I were going to carry it I'd discuss it with my holster maker.
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Very nice Iwilliams, I have the Diamond Ultra 9mm. Besides being a cool looking gun it's a great shooter. Congratulations.
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That is really nice, congrats
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lwilliams, congrats and welcome to the Sapphire club. Snug the grip screws, clean and add some lube, use 230gr FMJ should be good to go. I have the Ultra and Pro Sapphire both are very accurate. Mine have never been in a holster but have been fired quite a bit and are not showing any signs of wear.
For sure purchase a high quality holster. I would ask holster makers and see what they recommend.
I have heard that lined holsters over time hold moisture and dirt placing extra wear on the pistol.
If it was me the holster I picked I would use a different Ultra or pistol to "break it in" and not put the Sapphire in it until the holster is smooth and easy to draw from. I might also with and unloaded Sapphire wrap a layer or two of Glad kitchen plastic wrap around it and help break in the holster. I don't have a good suggestion for a EDC holster.
Both of these are 9mm, bought before Kimber starting making Sapphires in .45. Sometimes I wish mine were .45.
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Very nice, Iwilliams. A good friend just called me this afternoon to say he ordered a Saphire Pro after we had lunch. Two nice guns that I think you'll both enjoy.
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