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New 1911 owner

Hi All,

New to the forum just stopped by to take a look around and ask questions when they come up. I never owned a 1911 before mostly S&W M&P's and Ruger Revolvers.

I recently picked up a Kimber 1911 Custom II Two Tone. I originally was going to purchase a Remington 1911 R1 but I seen the Kimber and fell in love. Not only did it look awesome! It was made in Yonkers, NY my Home Town! That little city stamp sealed the deal for me. Yeah it was a little more money but hey you get what you pay for right!

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Zoomr81, welcome to the site from Tennessee! Yes, the Two-Tone does make for a fine looking Kimber.

Clean, Lube, Enjoy before shooting.
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Welcome! Man that is a beautiful piece.
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Welcome from Tennessee, Great looking Kimber. For your first, you definitely did good. Lots of people would be content if that was their last Pistol.

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Welcome to KT. Nice weapon.
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That's one sexy gun, Zoomr. The R1's are pretty, but your Kimber has them all beat.
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Welcome from Michigan. Beautiful Kimber you picked up there.

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Nice Kimber ! I fell in love with the 1911 after shooting one. I now own 4, 3 are Kimbers. They can be some what addictive! By the way welcome to the forum from southern California, hope you stick around a lot of good people on this forum.
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Welcome from Ohio. Good choice.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. Congratulations on you purchase, it's a fine gun.
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