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Since I can wear jackets now, I went back to a revolver and carry an HKS rotary clip. Now, my EDC automatics have now been "broken in" several times over in the two decades, but for me a revolver is a better defensive item. If the first round goes "click," I just squeeze off a second pull and everything should go "bang."

Today I did look at my little .380 automatic. It's my summer pistol. It's so small and flat even shorts would work--that is, if I owned shorts...
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Had a family member that asked me the same question. I told him I often have one handy, but not when I am outside of my home or truck.

He started in on how he carries 4 magazines with his micro 9. I asked him, "again, why did you choose the micro-9 rather than a larger 9mm firearm?" "It is lighter/smaller." I asked him, weigh that thing and compared to something like a beretta? He said "much lighter." I then said "weigh it again with the 4 extra magazines. Later I heard from, sheepishly, saying "OK, maybe I missed the point of the "micro" in micro-9. I gave up trying to find the weight of a 7 round kimber magazine and don't have a scale handy to measure mine. But 5 (total) is certainly not "lightweight" and sort of negates the point of the small cannon...
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Well, as to that, I haven't weighed anything but the three 8 round mags hanging under my right arm seem to nicely balance the MCP filled 8+1 hanging under my left. So that's what I'm doing now.
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I ain't weighed nuthin' either, but the 2 8 round magazines under my right arm do balance the Micro 9 and filled magazine with 1 chambered round.... it all just disappears...
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I normally carry an extra mag. Never heard of anyone complain about having too much ammo.
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Since magazines are the most likely part to fail on any autoloader why not carry one?
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Welcome to the forum Injunbro, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership. Tell us something about yourself, your interests, hobbies and where your located.
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Yes I always carry an extra mag for both my micro 9 and my 3"CDP Ultra II
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