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Yah! Got my CCW for Illinois

Just wanted to share my victory in the hoops and politics involved in getting my conceal carry license for the state of Illinois. I live in chicagoland area and due to all the homicides in the last few years, they are calling Chicago...CHIRAQ which is really depressing.

Anyways, I took the 16 hour classes, paid like close to $500 for classes/fingerprints/license fees. I know this is going to sound unbelievable to some of you that live in free'er states but that is how it is in illinois. The only crazy part, which is unbelievable actually, is that I only waited 5 weeks for when I registered for my license and when it came to my door.

Also anyone is wondering, anyone who updated their FOID, they will be issued a new FOID card and the wait is only 3 to 4 weeks turnaround. Whoever is handling the administrative tasks and stuff the state of illinois is really on top of things.

I will be posting a review of my holster for my 1911 tac2 ultra in my thread just in case anyone is interested about my conceal carry.


Thanks for reading!

P.S. - For those in illinois, I posted a review of my 16 hour CCW class instruction here at illinoiscarry.

Reviews of IL CCW Classes- post them here - Page 9 - Training - IllinoisCarry.com


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Congratulations on your CCW. Tough process, but you stuck with it. Good for you. I admire your tenacity.

(won't tell you how easy and cheap it is to get a license in Georgia.)
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Great news! Like Gary I don't want to tell you how comparatively easy it is in Ohio. Be safe.


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Congratulations. Carry safe, carry smart, and carry often!!

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Good for you and the community! Congrat's
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Good for you, now stay safe
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Cheaper here in Colorado, but I had a long wait for mine. Had to be on a wait list for the class, then a wait list for the appointment with the sheriff's office, then a long wait for the actual license to show up in the mail.

Problem was the HUGE demand after all the new laws were passed here ....
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Congratulations on getting your CC permit.
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Congrats on the new permit! Way cheaper and pretty easy to obtain CC here in Tennessee! Over 100,000 Tennessee residence have a permit. 10,000 just in my county of residence.
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