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Motorcycle Carry

Anyone here ride and happen to store in a saddle bag? I am looking into getting this set up AsylumCycle "Welcome to the Asylum" - motorcycle Gun holster for a Stainless Ultra Carry II

My only question is does anyone carry like that while riding and does the gun get too hot to handle in the summer time? Not sure how hot it would get after sitting in a hard saddle bag all day.....
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I ride a Harley bagger (hard bags) and don't trust the locks enough to leave a firearm in them. They can be easily defeated just by pulling hard. They just pop open. I carry IWB with untucked shirt or tucked shirt covered by a leather vest or jacket.
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Good Point Ten-32. I thought about that after posting. lol I think I need to look into IWB CC options instead.

I honestly started considering a Glock after posting this morning just for something that I can throw in the car or in a bag when I am on trips. Not so sure I want to risk a Kimber getting stolen or damaged if something bad happens on the bike. I figure if something happens at speed on the bike everything in the bags will be all over the road as well.
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I haven't ridden in over 40 years and never had bags on my road bike but wouldn't it be rather difficult to quickly get to your gun being locked in behind you. That would kind of defeat the purpose of having a carry license.
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I agree Chuck43. I come from "the more the merrier" camp. I wouldn’t make that my only option. I am new to the CC world. Just trying to get my stuff together before I start walking that path. I am definitely learning a lot here and on other forums.
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Sorry, guy. I never owned a bagger or put anything larger than a duffle bag on my Super Glides or Sportsters.
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Old 12-19-2014, 12:27 PM   #7
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Any rider that stores anything in a Harley tour pack or saddle bag thinking it is secure is crazy. I know first hand in a accident chit will fly out, even if they are locked. After my accident on May 7th 2013 everything on my person was still intact, boots on, jeans, wallet, keys, knife, helmet, sunglasses, gloves. Road rash on elbows. The point is, I was not carrying that day but if I had been I believe it would have still been OWB on my right hip. Every compartment on my bike came open and I feel sure it would have ended up on the highway and who knows it could have discharged or been stolen by a bystander because I was in no condition to secure it.
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Old 12-19-2014, 03:51 PM   #8
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When I'm on my bike my Solo is in the pistol pocket of my vest.

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I agree with the others. That looks like a solution to a non-existent problem.
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Then there is the open carry revolver option...
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