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Pro Carry II, My New Carry Gun?

Just got back from the range with my new Pro Carry 4" and man, I love this gun. It had a few boxes through it from the previous owner and he sold it to me because he couldn't get a good grouping from it. I didn't seem to have a problem even with cheaper PMC ammo that I was shooting. Mostly a 3"-4" grouping at 7 yards. And a couple of plinkers at a 4" metal target @ 15 yards. I'm OK with that. I want to put a few hundred more rounds through it before I start carrying it as I had about 4 or 5 FTF's which could have been the ammo or not. My son shot it as well and got about the same grouping as I. This is my first 1911 and I currently carry a Shield .9mm or my XD .45, so it's a bit different and want to get fully comfortable with a 1911 before I totally rely on it. I don't care for the sights and am considering some night sights. I usually carry OWB and the extra 1" hanging down may be a concern, we'll see. Questions are, as a new member here, what's the best defensive round that you like? My XD uses Hornady Critical Defense. What's a good but cheaper target round? I'm in CA and with all the bull crap here, I'm considering buying a reloader.
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Practice, practice, practice .... handling a 1911 will soon become second nature.
Reloading offers many good returns. Good ammo for more practice and a new hobby for those long winter nights.

Good luck with your new gun and new hobby!
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I'm glad to hear you're happy with your new to you Pro Carry II. I've always found that SD ammo was a choice first made by the gun then by the shooter. I've been lucky, 3 of my favorite carry guns and I all like Winchester Ranger T .45 230 gr JHP. Not cheap and not always easy to find but it works for me. For range ammo I use nothing but Freedom Munitions reloads, inexpensive, accurate and clean burning.
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Congratulations on your new Pro Carry II. I agree with Chuck, your gun needs to like what your shooting. I've had good luck with Remington Golden Saber, Speer Gold Dot and Federal HST.
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Ditto on the Golden Sabres and HST
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Nice! I carry my Pro Carry II more than any other by far since it is still basically winter clothing wise. The more I carry and shoot it, the more I like it!

For the PCII Golden Sabers are my choice. They are fairly cheap for defensive ammo, feed very well in just about anything and have a well deserved reputation for effectiveness when it counts.

Here is my first group ever with my PCII (7 yards). The Golden Saber groups look about the same.

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Glad you like the new Pro, I knew you would. Accuracy "should" tighten up with more rounds going down range. You received good information and a starting point on the self defense ammo. But truly you must fire some different brands and see what the pistol likes best.
My EDC Ultra CDP is topped off with Winchester SilverTips or Black Talons (both old school).
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All good recommendations. Personally, I like Winchester PDX1s for defense rounds. All my handguns like them. When expanded, it has been claimed that you can see them from space with Google earth
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With all the new restrictions on ammo placed on Californians I’m not sure this will help but like many others here I have found Freedom Munitions to be my ammo of choice for the range. I used to use Speer Gold Dot for defensive use but recently tried a box of FM XTP rounds and found them to run good in my Ultra. After another box or two it will be my EDC round.
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Lot's to consider. Thanks all. And nice grouping KCJeep!
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