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Tennessee Open Carry Is Legal

I see very few gun owners here in Chattanooga using open carry. I don't want to open carry for all the normal reasons.

Do you see a lot of people open carrying?
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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
Do you see a lot of people open carrying?

Open carry is legal here in WV too. And yes it seems I see someone almost everyday. Just the other day I was behind a guy in a check out line with a small auto just stuck in his pants, in the small of his back. I thought how easily I could just take it before he could blink.

One school of thought is, "if they know you're armed they'll leave you alone" … the other is open carry means "shoot him first." I prefer to keep the element of surprise on my side.

I NEVER carry open, even tho legal. I try to stay "grey" at all times. No clever hats or tee shirts, no NRA or USCCA bumper stickers on my truck. No one needs to know anything about me or what I do. Just my two cents.
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Old 06-22-2018, 03:59 AM   #3
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Open carry is legal here in PA but I choose not to open carry. I see people open carry but not that much. I do like that it’s my choice and if my gun does show or print I’m not doing anything illegal.
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We can open carry in Indiana. I do not see that many exercising the right though. I see a lot more concelled printings than open carry’s. I personally have never once open carried. Don’t want the attention it may bring.
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I am in Tennessee as well. I do see a few that open carry, but not many.... and most that do, aren't even carrying with one in the chamber. I prefer to stay under the radar myself for all of the normal reasons like I don't want to be shot first and I like the element of surprise on my side. Another reason for me to carry concealed is that it gives me the choice in a situation where maybe someone else is in need of defense. The decision to thrust myself into someone else's situation needs to be quickly evaluated be me since I am the one that would face the consequences of my actions. Concealed possibly, but not always, will give me that extra second to examine the situation for innocent bystanders and to try and determine if what it looks like is happening is actually what is happening. Things aren't always what they seem which we learned in our carry class....
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I don't see it very much here in Tennessee, and it's not something that I would do.
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I used to be very concerned about printing or not concealing adequately. Now, If I wear a sports jacket, I'll often OWB holster at 4 o'clock. Sometimes it shows, but not often. If I IWB carry with a tshirt cover, as long as it is not SUPER obvious, I don't worry. That's as close to "open carry" as I get. May not seem like much, but the ability to open carry makes me feel more at ease with not being too TYPE A about concealing. BTW, I'm in Mobile, Alabama.

I know most of you guys are way past that.
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Being a business owner I see quite a few people that open carry, Personally when at work I open carry, when I go out I conceal.
I have found that at the work it's a deterrent to possible issues but I prefer the element of surprise.
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Here in Texas, I really haven't seen anyone open carrying. I only do it on rare occasions like stopping for a bite to eat or running an errand while going back & forth to the range. I am much more comfortable OCing in the country as opposed to in town. It's more comfortable to OC and I like having the option, but generally, the downsides outweight the benefits for me. Of course, your mileage may vary.
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I occasionally see people open carry here in NE Kansas. No one seems to get upset by it.
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