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where ya put the extra mag.?

Have carried in a pancake style holster w/ extra mag slot for long as I can think, but am trying out a very nice IWB for the ultra.
Picked up one of those clip on magazine holder and clipped it in pocket like a knife, don't like this, carry in jacket pocket, not that way either..... So where do most carry xtra mag. or not to carry?.. just curious
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Front pocket, weak side.
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Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
Front pocket, weak side.
^^^This, but mags, not mag....^^^

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I carry two extra mags in a blackhawk leather magazine pouck.

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Most days I carry a J-frame with a "strip" loader in right front pocket. On those days I do carry an auto I carry a Sig 320 sub-compact ... 12+1... I don't carry an extra mag, I don't feel the need.
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My usual pants are the 5.11 flex defender jeans and has a mag pocket perfectly placed, holds 2 1911 mags easily.
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Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
Front pocket, weak side.
Same here!!

13 round in the gun, 16 round in the pocket. I don't carry a 1911
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I carry mine for "balance." I have a left side, single magazine sheath on my belt.

But biker vests have deep inside pockets, and carry another two, one on each side. I cannot feel any extra weight because everything balances out.

These are seven round magazines, which I prefer. Then again, my wife and I have had it with the mall, we haven't been there in two weeks. Due the crowd density, I think I'm going to revert to carry my P238 in the mall. Everything there is close up and personal, and the new .380 ACP loads are lethal at arm's length distances.

I do carry the UC2 for everywhere else, but that's just because I like it. But sincerely, if a Wisconsin man showed up with cash, I'd consider selling it, ammunition, spare magazines, holster and all.

I'm not required to protect citizens at large, and I now avoid trouble, so a P238 is plenty. That is, until Yonkers creates a compact .380 ACP conversion kit...
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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I carry a spare mag or 2 in my rear pocket of my jean on the left or in the front pocket of my jacket/shirt on the top left. It would be the same location if you were wearing a pocket tee with a flap that has Velcro.
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When I do, weak side pocket.

I canít help myself typing this regarding balance.
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