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Could You Make The Shot

I know we are just guessing about what we would and could do in this situation.
The raw video of the recent shotgun assault at the church in Texas got me wondering/thinking. Could I have made that head shot from that distance.

The video revealed to me the location of your holster and cover garment is critical and could be deadly. Small of back with a thick bulky sweater is not a good idea.

Could you make the head shot with your Solo, Micro 380, Micro9, 38spl revolver, Kimber Ultra in 45 or 9mm? I'm guessing most all of us could make that shot on the range, controlled environment.

However bad guy has a SHOTGUN and is about to shoot YOU. He could be wearing body armor. He has on a long black coat and a hoodie and a shotgun.

I'm usually carrying these days Super Carry Ultra+ 45acp, I'm confident it's "enough" gun but if I'm not a member of the church security team, then I may opt to carry something smaller more concealable, Charter Arms revolver .38spl or .44spl, I've done it before.

I would like to believe and think I could make that shot with any pistol I was carrying but to be honest I don't know...and it looked like a greater distance than what I normally practice head shots at.

My local indoor range is not real keen on us drawing and firing from a holster, I have done it but not trying to be super fast just a little quicker and SAFE.

Definitely adding some head shot practice at longer distance to my range time.
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Don't know either, but when I'm in the outback here doing my pistol drills with any of my EDC's, one of the key factors I keep in mind is drawing from concealment and hitting my 8" steel gong at 25 yards, which would simulate a head shot.....but under controlled conditions.

Will I ever need this degree of skill in the 'real world' at that distance? Dunno, but I will continue to practice....."just in case".

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
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Having always shot at far distances (shooting stuff that will hurt you if you stand to close..bottles ect.) wouldn't be a problem with my beretta or cz75..not to mention 19 extra rounds.....micro 9..i would go for body..
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I'm going with the majority here. I'd like think I could make shot under real world conditions I prefer not to find out.
On the range no problem, with any of my carry guns.
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Could I?

Not with my LCP.

Frankly, I doubt the guy who shot him in the melon could do it again. Head shot on a moving target under high stress... extremely difficult.
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Originally Posted by ChattanoogaPhil View Post
Could I?

Not with my LCP.
But I'll bet you could with your Solo Phil. They're pretty accurate. You'd have to do it with the first shot though cause it would probably jam after that.
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Years ago.....maybe.
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First thing I told my wife was that it was a lucky shot. Then I read he was a firearm instructor, practice makes perfect.
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Thats a tough call in real life . In November I took the NRA ccw course. It was pretty fun and a learning experience. You drew from holsters, did emergency reloads, cleared jams and double feeds at all distances out to 45 feet. You even had to shoot one handed at five feet and twenty. They even had you shoot from the hip at about five feet. When it was all done they graded you. They even watched your draw and engaging safety while reholstering. If any has the chance to take it Im sure youll enjoy.
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Jack Wilson is a Texan, we do that kind of stuff all the time...

Lucky, maybe? Based on his background he needed far less luck than I would in the same situation. Can I hit the head on a silhouette at 45 feet, with my carry weapon, yes... Can I do it after seeing and hearing two people I know; get shot; at point blank range with a shotgun? .... as said, hope I donít ever have to find out.
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