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Originally Posted by Doons View Post
I think you need to figure out what works for you. We are all different and we have all made adjustments to what we carry over time.
As my wife can tell you, this place is covered with cutlery! I don't really have a favorite, I just grab what the situation needs. If we're going out to our favorite steak restaurant, I'll grab the sharpest thing I have.

Then again, if I find a folder I have never seen it becomes my "new fave."

If I had to pick the best knife in the litter it would be a red handled, Wharncliffe edge, 2.0 inch "tuff lite." It's the closest thing to a scalpel I have ever seen.
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Originally Posted by Rick in Oregon View Post
Small pistols like the Micro's require a very firm grip and a locked wrist for proper function. Same as the Ultra line to the same extent. One must pay attention to these matters.
My carry is a Sig P938 Legion. Seems to be dimensionally equivalent to a Micro 9, and both remind me greatly of the Colt Mustang. I have been told Sig licensed the design and made some modifications; don't know if Kimber did the same.

What Rick in Oregon posted is absolute truth, at least as far as my experience with the P938. Limp wristing or bent elbows will virtually guarantee an FTE or stovepipe. My grip has to be firm and solid, but not too tight...too tight and groups are high and left. From retention position (up close and personal) all the way back to 30' in a power stance it is a very accurate shooter. Certainly accurate enough for anything I might need to do with it at those distances.

Now if I could only find the perfect holster.
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Kreinhard, welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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kimber Pro Carry 11 is a nice carry in a IWB.
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