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Expanding Practice techniques/distances

I was watching an infomercial the other day and it mentioned the need to update one's range practice regiment due in no small way to current trend/types of bad guys (BGs) out there.

For years the common thought, at least in my circles, was that we carried self defense weapons primarily to protect us from attacks that generally occurred nearby(7 yds or less). As civilians we are not (hopefully) going to shoot at a BG fleeing (under normal conditions) or take a 30 yard shot at a BG assaulting or robbing someone. The surge of radical islamic terrorist and assorted lunes in theaters etc, are becoming a daily threat that has to be addressed in how we practice and think, especially considering the fact we react mostly as a result of our training(adrenalin not withstanding).

I am curious how others think regarding this issue. I consistently practice off hand, strong hand, etc but at maximum distances of 10 yards or less. I occasionally shoot at 25 yard targets, but should I/we, spend more time practicing greater distances? I shoot a revolver pretty good out to 50yds, but carrying a 4 inch 357 is not what I do on a daily basis.

This may be a point many have considered. But what the hey, I am just wandering what others might be thinking.
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If I can hit a beer can at 20 feet, I can hit a bear at 10. I just shoot for fun, and I hate beer cans.
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Well, for those of us who are forced to shoot indoors, I consider my practice primarily to hone sight and trigger control, nothing else. 99% of my shooting is 10 yards (30 feet) or less. I do, on occasion, move the target to 15 or 25 yards. That too is just to hone sight and trigger control. None of this prepares me to meet a threat.

As they say, "If you're not shooting, you should be moving. If you are not moving, you should be communicating." I fully expect (I hope) that if I am unfortunate enough to be in a live shootout I would be shooting AND moving. Either moving to cover or closing the gap between me and the attacker. I can't practice this in the range, so I am forced to hope intellect makes up for my lack (non-existent) of muscle memory.
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Originally Posted by montanaResident View Post
I hate beer cans.
Empty or full and which brand to you hate the most?
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I guess it depends on the threat and the ability to react to it. I think 10 yards is good...run for cover it it is more. Army training....
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Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
Empty or full and which brand to you hate the most?
I'm pro beer. I set the beer free before expressing my hatred of the can.
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