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Took my new Micro 9 to the range

I purchased a Two Tone Micro 9 this morning. I broke it down and lubed it before heading out to the range. My observation was that from the factory there was relatively little oil on the pistol. I'm not in the habit or running them sloppy wet but in the initial stages I'd rather the rails weep a little oil than not enough. So, be sure you lube it before running it, or at least check status.

I ran about 200 rounds of 115 grain round nose brass ammo thru the pistol. I ran Remington UMC, Winchester white box and Blazer Brass. Zero fail to feed, zero fail to eject. Once the slide locked open on the third round of a magazine and on inspection the slide lock lever had just barely engaged the slide. I'm inclined to think that might have been my bad. That was the only hiccup.

There are a couple of Kimber Micro 380's in my house. Both models are reported to have 7lb triggers. I'm here to tell ya: 7lbs on the Micro 9 is much much heavier than 7lbs on the micro 380. After 200 rounds the pad on my finger is feeling it. My groups with the Micro 9 are easily twice the size of the groups from the Micro 380 and I attribute that to the trigger, although maybe I had an off day. It happens.

One of the perks of the Micro 9 is that it weighs about 16oz or so. It's light! I appreciate that when it's banging around in the pocket of my cargo pants. But, it makes for a substantial amount of felt recoil when you drop the hammer. Not a problem with a self defense piece but be advised, for me, this isn't a range gun.

I'll need to verify that it runs hollow points before it replaces my Sig P290, but I suspect it will. I'm fine with a firm trigger on an EDC pistol. Any holsters that fit my Micro 380 seems to fit the Micro 9 and I appreciate that.

The trigger is heavier than I anticipated and there is some recoil but those aren't a problem in a carry piece. It's operation, fit and finish is pretty much what we expect from Kimber. I'd say get one and shove it in your pocket.

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Great range report Doc....Once you break it back down, can you look at the ejection port side of the slide and see if any of the finish has chipped off..A couple others reported that happening on the two tone version of the Micro 9..

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Nice job on the range report, Doc!
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Very good report Doc, very happy to hear the Micro 9 is working well. Seems like it may need more lube just like it's little 380 Micro brother.
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Congratulations on your new Micro-9 Doc.
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Nice report Doc, you did the right thing cleaning and lubing the gun first. Kimbers do not come from the factory ready for a range visit.
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Great report doc. Hopefully I can pick mine up tomorrow.

Curious to hear about the ejection port and if there is any chipping.

Have you tried the m9 in a kykex holster made for the 380?
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JMS... Yep some dings just outside of the ejection port. Unfortunate but pistols that live in holsters don't seem to stay perfect for long anyway.

Antrieb... I don't have a kydex but maybe I need one?

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Good report. Thanks for the report and follow-up as I too experienced finish problems.
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Good report, Doc! Thanks!
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