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Question Solo vs Micro 9 - new questions

I know this thead has been done, but I have read them and I have a few questions.

First, some background. I have a Ultra II Sapphire in 9 and it is my favorite gun. I wanted the micro in sapphire for quite a while, but had to wait due to the expense. Then I saw the solo in Sapphire and wanted it. I just got it and I am way more than a little disappointed.

First, the gun isn't functioning right. It is kicking out the magazine every couple of shots and jamming. So, I can send it back to Kimber to be fixed, or get a refund from seller. There are several things I am not liking about the solo and am considering the micro 9 since I have this opportunity.

1)Magazines. I have 2 six round and one 8 round mag. The first couple of round you put in the mag are fine. After that, the seem to have some play in them and the bullet end of the round can move up and down. If they move down, the front of the bullet jams against the front of the mag. This doesn't seem very functional.

2) I really don't like the reassembly of the solo. Having to make sure that the spring is in the correct position of the slide pin was very difficult. Does anyone know if the Micro 9 is designed the same way?

3) This may be a duh moment, but the slide on the solo is very tight. It is extremely hard to rack the slide and the slickness of the sapphire finish make this a real issue. In a combat situation, if your hands were sweaty or wet, or bloody, it would be nearly impossible to rack the slide on the solo. I know this is a finish issue, but it has me rethinking things. My ultra II was initially very tight and it still is much more so than some of my other guns, but I think it has broken in a good bit, so this might happen with the solo also.

The things that I don't like about the micro 9 right off the bat, are the sights, and no ambi safety (I shoot left handed). Are the sights and safety available from Kimber as after market add ons, or are you just stuck?

If anyone can offer any insights or advice, I would really appreciate it. I will have to make the decision of what to do within a day or two.
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I will have to let those who own these types of pistols to answer your questions. Just want to welcome you to the forum.....good information here. We have a Kimber Micro it.
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Welcome to KT
I own both a solo and a micro 9. I have zero issues with either model.

1) I do not have that happening with my solo so I cannot comment
2) micro 9 assembly is exactly like a 1911 and does not have the spring issue like the solo
3) I find the slide is more difficult on the solo than the micro 9. I prefer the micro 9 feel and function over the solo
4) night sights are available from kimber. I am not sure on the ambi safety

If I were you and having these doubts this early I PERSONNALLY would return and get a micro. Again I own both, like both, shoot both, don't regret either purchase but prefer the micro 9 any day of the week over my solo.

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The eight round mag's for the Solo never worked right for me on my Solo.
One thing I like better on my Solo than my wife's Micro .380 is the trigger pull. just so much smother on the Solo. Can't speak to the Micro 9's trigger pull tough as I've never shot one.
Given what you have said, you would probably be happier with the Micro 9 with the exception of the fact they are not currently offered with night sights or ambi safety as far as I know.
Yes you can get the night sights installed after you get the Micro 9 but must send the gun back in to have this done ( they will not at install them at time of original purchase for some reason ).
If you could get them to take your Solo back and put things on hold until they offer the Micro 9 with these features ( which they eventually will do ), that would be your best option if available.
The Solo and Micro 9 are two different animals One based on the 1911 and the other striker fired ) and appeal to different reasons.
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OP.....No KT member can solve your Solo issue.
That fact will always exhist.
...all that really counts is $$$

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My solo works great after going back to KIMBER. The slide will be stiff for awhile.
I can't comment on the micro but I do love the solo.
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Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
OP.....No KT member can solve your Solo issue.
That fact will always exhist.
Yep, that's right, only Kimber can do this for you.
But honestly, If you are not happy with the Solo ( even if Kimber were to make it work right ) get your refund from the seller and wait.
I have absolutely no doubt that if you are patient Kimber will eventually come out with upgraded Micro 9's that will offer the same options as currently offered on the Micro .380.
So my advise would be to give the Solo back to the seller and patiently wait until Kimber offers the Micro 9 with the options you want.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois, sorry, I'm not a Micro or Solo owner.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. I don't own either gun so I can't help you.
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Welcome from St Lou....
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