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Originally Posted by wicked20 View Post
My Micro 9 shoots low and right out of the box. I can fix the right but not sure on the low?

Wicked20, welcome to the site from Tennessee.
Million dollar question? Is it the gun or your grip?
See chart.
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Welcome to the forum wicked20, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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I’m giving the Micro 9 a two thumbs up on accuracy. After a couple hundred rounds over two range trips I’m getting sub-3” groups at 10 yards. I tend to shoot slightly right, but I’m certain it’s my finger control and recoil anticipation rather than any problem with the sights.
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Originally Posted by TexasPatriot59 View Post
Iím giving the Micro 9 a two thumbs up on accuracy. After a couple hundred rounds over two range trips Iím getting sub-3Ē groups at 10 yards. I tend to shoot slightly right, but Iím certain itís my finger control and recoil anticipation rather than any problem with the sights.
It is very common to have recoil anticipation especially on a small gun. Dry firing with a penny rested on top of the front sight really helps with recoil anticipation. Try this while watching tv. Once you master this without the penny falling off and get the "feel" of it memorized in your brain you'll be golden. It takes both dry firing and brain training to shoot little lightweight 9mm's accurately.
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...my Kimber Micro 9mm-I get 4" groups at 7 yds. with an occasional flier, rapid fire I get 5" to 6" for the 7+1... I shoot at a local indoor range every week...
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My Micro 9 sights were way off. I sent it back and they installed a different front sight and adjusted the rear one (I assume). The attached pic shows a Kimber factory test target at 10 yards with 147gr Hornady XTP. This, I presume, is what you should be capable of achieving as well.
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The gun can shoot well.. It is NOT a gold cup or such. Notice no bushing. Notice a little sloppy fitting between end of barrel and slide. Notice the short sight radius. The cramped grip. The stiffer trigger with a little take-up.

But it does exactly what it is intended to do. At 10 yards, you ought to be able to put every round in a perp's ear. At 50 yards? Not so much. At 100 yards? Lots of noise but little else. It will shoot surprisingly well out at those distances, but I would only attempt it if your intent is to try to piss somebody off as opposed to harming them.

The nice thing about this gun is it is one I actually carry with me every single time I go outside. A 44 mag is a great self defense gun, but you won't ever have it on you when you need it, for obvious reasons.

My criteria are simple. (1) has to be 100% reliable; (2) has to be small enough/light enough to be carryable, (3) has to be potent enough to actually cause serious bodily harm when you need it to; and finally (4) has to be reasonably accurate at expected ranges of use (ie 5-7 yards although I do want to be able to hit something at 25 yards..
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