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Mama's birthday gun Micro9 destert tan LG

Mama ( that's what I call my wife) has a birthday soon and she had fell in love recently with my ultra Kimber 45 and plainly stated she wanted a Kimber

so I took her to Master Pawn a stocking Kimber dealer in My home town today to let her pick out her birthday present

they had a wide selection of Kimber's as well as some nice Colts in the glass case

they had the all the Kimber jewel guns and several raptors and a wide variety of other nice Kimber's from the 380's to the 45's

I told her she could have which ever gun struck her fancy

I would have bet money on her selecting one of the jewel guns or a bel-air

but the gun she migrated to was a gun that was a new model for 2017 in two tone desert tan with the Crimson trace grips

I tried to get her to buy one of the others thinking she was being frugal, but for $603+ tax she came home with this

I am glad she went with me I would have brought her home a 45 bel-air thinking she would have like it better now to the range with a bunch of ammo to check the impact with the lazer is the next step in her new gun journey
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Nicely done, what a score.... looks good, can't wait to hear the range report
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Originally Posted by Marshall View Post
Mama must be proud...Did someone switch the laser grips before they sold it to you because those aren't the ones that come from the factory...??

Tell Mama congrats..
the gun was a Kimber shot show special, limited run for 2017 so it is new and they are the Crimson trace grips that came with it, after getting home and seeing what a pair of the plain black crimson trace grips cost for a micro, I think she done all right[IMG][/IMG]
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Great looking gun and a great birthday present, your wife has good taste.
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KY Wonder, I think you wife has good taste. Let us know how she gets on with it in those 1st range sessions.
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Mama done good, can't wait to hear how she likes shooting it.
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Good luck! Nice looking pistol, and I can't believe my eyes....but you even got 2 mags with it! Hope you wife enjoys it.
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very nice.
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~ I'm just sitting back, waiting on the 'Micro 9' version of Kimber's .380 MICRO DC (LG) to come out!
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we have just got in from the farm range this afternoon, and I am happy to report that the pistol was flawless through 100 rds. of 115gr silver bear, I got a good deal on several cases of this stuff late in 2015 and have a couple of cases left. so this was its diet today.

the gun was shot on steel so I cant give a precise group measurement, but it was shooting to point of aim, off hand standing at both 7 and 15 yards today.That was as far as she stretched it out today

she's grinning ear to ear so I know she's happy with it

conditions here was low 30s with a brisk wind, and spitting snow so we did not want to get out in the open field into the worst of the wind, to shoot it at longer ranges.

sights were right on, as was the laser at these ranges

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