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New guy feeling anxious

Just got my first kimber a basic 2 tone micro 9 . I will be taking to the range for the first time in the next day or 2. I have read a lot on the kimber being ammo finicky and have seen a friend with a ultra carry have it stove pipe and double tap. I normally shoot Glocks but this is such a sexy gun that I have been wanting one for a while.

My question is before I head to the range should I clean and oil the gun?i know that most ppl suggest a higher grain bullet any special brand?I really want to love this gun and to break it in properly without all my sig and glock buddy's giving me a hard time over my new kimber jamming up.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. Congratulations on your Micro 9. I would clean and lube your gun before you go to the range. A lot of people like to use 147gr for break in. I would do what the manual says, America made ball ammo. I would shoot about 500 rounds before experimenting with self-defense ammo.

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Congrats on your new shooter. Do as the manual & JC have said, clean and oil it up before heading to the range.

I shoot and broke mine in on 147 gr ammo and many may poo poo that but using a heavier bullet to break in a gun has worked for me and that's all that matters..

Good luck and check back in after your first range session.

BTW...Welcome to KT from St Lou..
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Mikez51c6 and congratulations on the new micro 9. JC45 gave you some good advice, clean and lube it before your first range and use ball ammo to break it in.
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Thumbs up

I'm have used this

to break my three 9mm handguns.

It's great.
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Good luck with the new Micro 9, I broke mine in with all 115 gr. ammo with out a single issue. To each his own.
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I've had my micro 9 since September and had no firing issues at all. I listened to these guys about cleaning and lubing it before my first range visit, ran it on the wet side, and used 147 and 124 grain before going to 115 gr. It shoots them all without problems. 1 thing that I really think helped me was to whack the back of my fully loaded magazine against the palm of my hand or the range deck to assure all the cartridges were lined up properly. Coming from a Glock you will notice how different the 1911 mags are, I came from Glock too and I didn't like the Kimber mags. I had a couple of firing failures my first time out and then Chuck told me to give my mags a whack and it's never misfired since. It's just a habit now, I do it with whatever I am shooting now even my Glocks. Hope you have a good time breaking it in, good luck!
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Mikez, welcome to the site from Tennessee. I agree with the membership, clean, lube and shoot FM or other good ammo for break in.
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After a couple boxes of break in ammo should I then start trying some defense ammo and is plus p ok to use?
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Welcome from another Tennessean....I live almost in the Middle, close to the Music. Read and listen to the others on here....and you can't go wrong as they say. People keep talking about the Micro 9, might be my next one if I ever see the one I really like.
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ammo, break-in, micro 9, range report

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