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Range Report - 8/9/2017 (Micro 9 Woodland Night)

This was only my 2nd time shooting this brand new Woodland Night. If you saw my first post a few days back, I had some issues with it during my first trip to the range, where I only had time to shoot 42 rounds. Multiple FTFs, etc.

I'm glad to say that I was able to put 143 rounds through it on Wednesday without a single FTF.

Though my overall groupings were more spread out than I'd like with a couple strays here and there - considering it's only my 3rd time back at the range in the last few years and I'm still shaking off the rust .. it's nice to be able to see some improvement in accuracy already from the 1st time out with it to the 2nd.

Enough rambling. Here's the details -

* 108 rounds of Blazer Brass 124g FMJ
* 35 rounds of PMC Bronze 115g FMJ (ran out of Blazer and still had a few mins left)

* About 2/3rd's of all rounds were fired from 7 yards
* 10 rounds at 15 yards
* The rest at 10 yards

* No FTFs this time
* A couple of times after ejecting the last round in a full mag, slide remained in battery
* There were 2 or 3 times where slide was locked open after spending a mag, reloaded, pushed the reloaded magazine into the port and the slide closed on its own, chambering the first round. I'm not loving that but I guess if I'm going to have a malfunction, ones that don't result in an inability to actually fire the gun are the ones I'd rather have, of course (Mostly a full sized 1911 guy so I do have a habit of putting some oomph into my mag inserts but nothing I would consider overly excessive .. especially to the point of 'overpowering' the slide stop??)
* A few slaps in the forehead with hot brass again
* I'm disappointed with the finish chipping off already around the ejection port. It was already chipping some after less than 50 rounds. Now after almost 200, it looks worse than any other gun I own .. all of which I've owned for many years and fired way more rounds through. I realize a carry gun isn't going to be pristine looking forever or anything but this seems like unnecessarily premature wear that I don't think should occur under normal, controlled, range only conditions like this with so few rounds .. do you guys think I'm being too overboard on this?

Attached some photos of my relatively unimpressive targets and my ejection port to illustrate my previous gripe on the chipping.

(The last photo with the widest groupings was at 15 yards)






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Doesn't look like my Imgur link in the OP is working right .. so I attached the chipping photos here



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Not sure what to think about the chipping. One other member mentioned this, too, a few weeks ago.

I've only had my 9 to the range once with about 50 rounds through it but none hit the ejection port. Mostly if they hit anything it was me in the forehead. lol

Did you know those casings are still warm for a couple of minutes?
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I took a few in the head on my outing this week end from my Micro 9, seems to eject wherever it wants to. Had one actually land on top of my head and stay there. Totally blew that string was laughing so hard. I don't know what the coating on the slide is, so can't really recommend corrective action. I'd try soaking area with Hoppe's and use a plastic toothbrush on it.

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Originally Posted by Bish View Post
Did you know those casings are still warm for a couple of minutes?

I'd heard things. But never knew just exactly how warm until I bought my Micro 9!

FWIW, contrary to what a lot of my posts so far might suggest - I really don't hate or "have it out" for this gun. I like a lot of things about it and would like for it to still become my EDC piece one day.

Still a few things to get straightened out first though.

In the meantime, I picked up a G43 Talo a couple days ago to play understudy / stand in for the Micro 9 while I continue putting it through its paces and deciding if (more like "when", I think) I'll send it up to Yonkers for some TLC.
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I have put around 500 rounds or so through my two tone micro 9 and have the same issue with the Kim pro coating or whatever they call it chipping I love the micro and it's my edc so not that concerned about it but does suck not the quality I expected from a kimber
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