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Range report Micro 9, UC2, Micro 380

I've had my Micro 9 and Micro 380 a few times over the last few weeks, but haven't posted a range report. Figured I would post something today since my Micro 9 and Micro 380 have been shooting so well, close to problem free on the 380 but not quite!

Micro 9: 8/8, 8/15, 8/19, 8/30 used 200 rounds Magtech 115gr, 150 rounds Freedom Munitions 124 gr, 50 rounds Winchester NATO 124 gr, and 7 round FM 124 XTP. 407 rounds in total with 1 FTE. I'll take it!

I took off the CTLG today and put on the VZ G10 grips, I like them so much better. They feel better in the hand, grip is more secure, and no more fiddling around with the freaking laser that would not always come on. Sticking with the VZs and using the Micro 9 for EDC. And the VZs look so good!

Micro 380: same dates used 200 rounds FM 100gr. RNFP with a total of 7 FTL on 2 outings, all on the 7th round, and 2 outings with zero failures! Today I had 3 FTL on 7th round. I'm not sure if this pistol will ever be 100% but it is much better than it used to be. What do you think, another trip to the Wizard? Or any suggestions?

Today and last trip out I also used my Sapphire UC2, gotta love this pistol! Shoots amazing, low recoil, easy to control and get back on target. Shot 100 rounds FN 124 gr, and 100 round Winchester Nato 124 gr. This pistol is problem free.

Target is from UC2 and Micro 9. 7, 8, and 10 yards.
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Wow Starnovi, that is some great shootin. I'd say that paper bad guy is dead for sure

Tough call on the Micro 380, is it one specific mag by chance ? You seem to be honing in on it a bit in that it is only happening on the 7th round. I'd certainly consider sending back and complaining profusely with an angle to have them replace it

Great news on the M9. You have me thinking of getting some VZ grips for mine now to replace the CT LGs !!
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That is some super shooting! I hate that your 380 is still not problem free. It's something that it's on the 7th/last round every time. The gun doesn't know first from last round so it would seem it has to be related to the magazine or the way it's fitting, but then again, I know NOTHING compared to these guys. I'm with Tejun, make them get it right!
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Thanks for the report.

My Glock 42 was my EDC for the last year or so. I am about to start carrying my M9 in its place as soon as my holster arrives (Alabama has a long lead time, love the product though).

I posted this on the CTLG thread, but I too removed it and went with Black Operator G10 grips from VZ, much better.

I have never shot a pocket gun as well as my G42, until I tried my M9. It will be nice to get 9mm ballistics in an EDC pocket gun I can shoot so well.
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Good shooting. I call that "Minute of Badguy".
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Great report...thanks!
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