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Steel case ammo?

I accidently bought a box of Steel cased 9mm ammo for my Micron 9 that I do not have yet. Will it work? I refuse to use it in my 223 bolt rifle, it does not extract.

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I bought a 1000 rds of American Steel, 115gn, 9mm from Freedom Munitions last year. I've fired about 800 of them spread between two Sigs and my Kimber T-2. I've had exactly ONE failure to eject in my Sig 320 compact. No other issues.
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some ranges won't let you shoot them..
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Some steel ammo is hard on the equipment.
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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
Some steel ammo is hard on the equipment.
big misconception on this.. years back all steel cased ammo was very corrosive, that is why everyone these days carry the steel cased is bad opinion. also was mentioned that some ranges wont allow steel cased ammo 2 reasons there.. typical in the steel cased ammo especially in the 9x18mm had steel projectiles an it would beat a back stop up quickly.. the range that I rso at an shoot league wont allow steel cased for the simple reason of they bucket the brass up an wholesale it an the same goes with the lead collected. they also are against aluminum cased ammo as well.
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I bought FM steel ammo once and it worked fine but I never bought it again.

Once I purchased some Wolf steel ammo for my Eclipse Pro II and that was a big mistake. It didn’t like that stuff at all and I never tried again. The only reason I bought this stuff was because this was the only 45acp this store had and I was on my way to the range so I tried it.

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I can't think of a reason why steel cased ammo wouldn't work in your gun. I've never shot it and never will in any of my guns. Maybe I'm overly cautious or I'm just getting too old to accept change but I'll stick with brass.
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I have tried Winchester Forged steel cased FMJ, and my Micro 9 does not like it. It chambers and fires, but it sticks enough that it won't extract. it wasn't once or twice, but every time.
I think it's the coating (not slick like brass). Everything thing else that was brass ran fine.
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I am like Chuck I do not like to run steel cases in any firearm I own even my AK. The AK will run anything but I do not want steel against steel. Even though the metal may be softer than the barrel steel used in the gun. I still prefer to run brass cased ammo. The shooting ranges around here will ask if the bullits themselves have steel in them I have had the RO check my ammo with a magnet before to make sure the bullits aren't plated over steel.
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Neither my Micro 9 or Micro .380 like it, it feeds and fires fine but won't extract worth a crap. My .45 runs it just fine. My son's Glock will run steel just fine.
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